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Introducing LexisNexis® InterAction for Microsoft® Outlook

A quick introduction to LexisNexis® InterAction for Microsoft® Outlook

Enterprise Solutions

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Introducing LexisNexis® InterAction for Microsoft® Outlook

LexisNexis® InterAction "We now have a deeper understanding of our clients, revenue streams and what marketing activity leads to what outcome"

Dawn McEwan, Business Development Director, Davenport Lyons The value of a great metaphor is that it can summarize your entire presentation in a single concept.

It can encapsulate everything you are trying to say in a single place, simplified and holistic, like a dashboard in a car that displays relevant information that makes driving easier. What metaphor
to use? Think of Things Everyone Know
Think About What You Are Presenting: Oversimplify
Think About What You Know Introducing LexisNexis® InterAction is brought to you by LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions provides a comprehensive range of applications and services to streamline the handling of legal matters. "Over 50% of the UK's top 250 law firms use our solutions, which are designed to assist firms to excel in the business and practice of law." LexisNexis® InterAction is a CRM system that centralises your firm’s collective knowledge about clients and contacts and makes it available to all authorised users.

The result is a 360 degree view of your ‘relationship networks’ that leads to better client relationships and win-win situations for you and your firm. Who uses LexisNexis® InterAction? “By working together closely since 1999, the LexisNexis team has developed a deep understanding of our business and the way in which we work, making LexisNexis the natural choice for upgrading our business process solution.”

Róisín Mullan, IT Manager, Carson McDowell Thanks for your time for more information
please visit

www.lexisnexis-es.co.uk for Microsoft® Outlook. LexisNexis® InterAction for Microsoft® Outlook is embedded directly
within Microsoft® Outlook 2007 and 2010 for instant access to prospect
and client information The Business Card shows business contact information for a person on an Outlook item such as an email or a calendar appointment. Contact Types are also shown in this view to distinguish the type of relationship the contact has with the firm. Mutual Connections shows a list of people that are known to both you and the contact. You are also able to drill down into a more comprehensive view from here to view all the relationships that exist with the contact. LexisNexis InterAction for Microsoft Outlook - What goes here Thanks for your time for more information please visit

www.lexisnexis-es.co.uk Upcoming Meetings shows a list of meetings that staff within the firm have scheduled with the contact that will occur within the next 60 days. Interactions shows a list of activities regarding a contact that have been logged into InterAction in the last 60 days. Information Updates shows name, company name, title or employment changes made to the contact on the Outlook item in the last 60 days. There are two types of notes that appear in the InterAction Pane: My Notes and Firm Notes. My Notes are only available to the user who created them. Drill down at any point from the panel and access the 360 degree view of the contact including Profiles and Lists From this view you can also view the Matters that the contact is involved in. Opportunities that the contact is involved in can also be accessed from this view Activities can be added for emails, calendar appointments and other types of communications. When adding an email the activity is automatically populated with information from the email message. Two way synchronisation of calendar appointments directly with InterAction. Amendments/Deletions to appointments will be captured as an Activity. Access your InterAction Reports directly from your Inbox Look Smart. Communicate with your clients by using the correct salutation in all communications. InterAction will now save the correct Salutation for each of your contacts. Alerts. Your InterAction Watchlist delivered directly in your inbox. Be alerted when important activity happens with your key contacts.
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