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Unit 2 Lesson 10: The Life of a Jelly Fish Day 1

No description

Diane Swenson

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Unit 2 Lesson 10: The Life of a Jelly Fish Day 1

Unit 2 Lesson 10: The Life of a Jelly Fish
Day 1

Warm Up
Learning Goals:
I will use text to identify facts in an information story.

I will can identify the author's purpose
Teacher Read-Aloud
Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish
Because it waves!
Get it?
Essential Questions
What is the author's purpose?

How can I use text features to locate information?
Target Vocabulary
simple-no hard; easy
millions-a very large number
weaker-less strong
drift-to float away or around
decide-make up your mind about
Read and Comprehend
Target Skill: Fact and Opinion

Fact and Opinion A fact is something that can be

proved true. An opinion is a belief or feeling.

Authors often include facts and opinions when

they write. They also give reasons to support their

facts or opinions. The reasons may be in the words

or photos of a text.
Preview the Topic
Ocean Life
Many types of animals live in the ocean. Some are large like whales. Some are small such as a seahorse. Every animal in the ocean needs to eat. Some eat ocean plants and some eat small fish. Most sea animals have a way to stay safe from danger. Life under the sea is very interesting.

Jellies is about jelly fish. You will read more about how jelly fish live in the ocean.
Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish
by Twig C. George
Target Skill: Fact and Opinion
Genre: Informational Text
Reading Centers
Seat Work-Contractions
Computer-Lexia, Thinkcentral, Reading Plus, AR
Partner Reading-Ladybug Legs (F&O)
Mrs. Swenson-Retell/Sequence the Story
Writing-Writing center activity box
Word Work-Choose a card and practice your spelling words
Watch the Video. Write down some facts and opinions.
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