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Social Media in the Classroom

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Jennifer Privette Duncan

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media in the Classroom

How to Use Facebook in the Classroom
What we know about
Social Media in the Classroom?
*It enhances student engagement
*It fosters collaboration and discussion
*Helps students exchange ideas
*It enhances communication in the classroom
*It keeps students connected to each other and the instructor
*Makes learning more interactive and FUN!

What are the types of Social Media can be used in the classroom?
Social networking sites (SNS) are online communities designed to connect individuals to wider networks of relationships. Students interact with Facebook, Twitter, or other social media networks daily which links them to thousands of various news related articles, links, and interactions between their contacts. Since most students are online it is only a natural progression for instructors to start engaging with students via social networking sites. This opens up a whole new world of technology to students.
Social Media in the Classroom
by Jennifer Duncan

How to Use YouTube in the Classroom
How to Use Twitter in the Classroom
A Vision of Students today....

How to Use Pinterest in the Classroom
Additional Questions We Ask Ourselves in regards to Social Media:
*What are some future trends in social media?
*How can we convince teachers that social media has a place in the classroom?
*How can we train our teachers to utilize technology and social media more in the classroom?
What is not known about Social Media in the Classroom?
*Does it limit face-to-face communication
*How distracting is it?
*Does it create cyberbullying opportunities?
Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed my presentation!
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