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Luxury vs. Backpacking Tourism

No description

Sabrina Bishop

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Luxury vs. Backpacking Tourism

Luxury Tourism vs. Backpacking Tourism
Snobby luxury vs. snobby backpacking
The idea that our way is better
spectrum that can be found on both sides of the stereotypes
Barriers of Backpacking
Unexpected Events

Luxury Tourism
Is The Grass Always Greener?
Barriers of Traveling in Luxury
Unlikely to obtain genuine cultural competency
Experience may not have meaning (Introspection)
Lack of Empathy
Overwhelming number of resources

Works Cited
Who are luxury travelers?
Midcentrics, Near Phychocentrics, and Organized Mass Tourists.
More wealthy
Less Adventurous
Motives for Traveling Luxuriously
Family Friendly
Highly facilitated experiences
Language accommodations
Who Are Backpackers?
Drifters, Explorers, Allocentrics and Near-Allocentrics
Less wealthy
More adventurous

Motives for Backpacking
Uniqueness, remoteness, and risk
Cultural immersion
Avoidance of major tourism establishments
Low cost
Luxury Tourism Benefits
Minimal Planning
All Inclusive
Monetized Upgrades
Backpacking Benefits
Outdoor Environment
Self Resilience
Self Actualization - Slower Pace
Personal Growth
Physically Demanding
Responsible Travel Promotes Local Cultures
Luxury Travel VS. Backpacking
Flexible Activities,
Spontaneous Wildlife
Primitive Ladies' Room
Luxury Travel:
Planned Activities
Guided Wildlife Tours
Powder Rooms

What is Luxury Tourism?
Traveling with the expectation for accommodations that go above and beyond the norm
What is Backpacking?
To travel or hike carrying one's belongings in a backpack.
“Climbing Everest is the ultimate in the opposite of [an adventure], because you get all these high-powered plastic surgeons and CEOs… They pay $80,000 and have Sherpas who put all the ladders in place and 8,000 feet of fixed rope. You get to a camp, and you don’t even have to lay out your sleeping bag. It’s already laid out with a little chocolate mint on top.
And the whole purpose of climbing something like Everest is to affect some sort of spiritual and physical gain. But if you compromise the process, you’re an asshole when you start out and you’re an asshole when you get back.”
Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, from the (otherwise mediocre) film 180° South
Alexander, K. (1990). Rural education: Institutionalization of disadvantage. Journal
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Scheyvens, Regina. (January, 2002) Backpacker tourism and Third World development. Annals of Tourism Research. Retrieved May, 2014.
Types of Backpackers
Types of Luxury Travelers
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