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My Dream Vacation to South Africa

No description

Tamar F.

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of My Dream Vacation to South Africa

Leaving My Bubble:
Two Weeks in South Africa Why South Africa? South Africa has always been a dream destination of mine. Firstly, Africa is different than any other country I have been to. The natural beauty present is a must-see. Going somewhere outside my comfort zone is important; this way I am able to learn things about myself as well as amazing things about other countries and cultures. By: Tamar Faber As this is my "dream" vacation, I took advantage of the fact that budget doesnt play a factor, and this allowed me to really go all out! Instead, I want to go to South Africa and be able to explore everything. In addition to seeing the amazing sites, animals and museums, I want to take the time and see the culture. Logistics I plan to go during the first two weeks of May. I chose this time because not only is it my birthday, but at this tme, the heat isn't unbearable. It is still early in the summer so the weather will be perfect! Cape Town is one of the most beautiful regions in South Africa, In Cape Town, I plan to spend four days combining shopping and sight-seeing. The Alfred Waterfront Development is great for lunch and shopping and False Bay and Bolders Beach for pernguin watching, which will be new and exciting! Also, Hout Bay and Consantia Hills are beautiful places to pass through on the way to see the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve to see the scenery Johannesburg is a must-see city. The country's largest city is both the financial and entertainment centre of the country, but has a number of parks as well! There is something for everyone in "Jo-Burg" and I would love to be able to experience it all. Asking the concierge for suggestions and recomendations will help me see all the best sites. Historical buildings, parks and shopping will be the focus during my time in Jo-Burg. Also, I would love to visit Lesedi Cultural Village and see some authentic South African culture; it is important to understand the country I am visiting both as a tourist and a resident. I have always wanted to go to South Africa because it is such a beautiful country (from what I have seen in pictures). The natural beauty combined with the prosperous cities are the perfect match. Being able to see wildlife, amazing parks, gorgeous waterfronts, and thriving cities all in the same country is rare! The diversity fascinates me and seeing it with my own eyes will be an experience unlike any other. Sun City Hot air Balloon rides and spending the day by the lake will make for the perfect day and getting dressed up and going to the disco will be the cherry on top of a great day! Sun City Will be the place where I have time to relax! The luxury resort may be pricey, but this is my dream vacation isn't it? Coming here after Johannesburg will be nice as I can now relax and enjoy myself. Kruger Park One of the most beautiful parts of South Africa is the diverse animal kingdom they have. It would be a shame to not take advantage of the wildlife while I'm there Kruger Park is the place to go for the most amazing safari rides! it has been a dream of mine to be able to see Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos and Lions in their natural habitat. I might be a little bit scared to be so close, but the experience would be unlike any other Traveling
the world
is the only
way to
understand it.
the world with
pictures & videos
doesn't isn't the same. After being in this course I have come to understand the importance of seeing the world. As this is my "dream vacation" I chose somewhere that is so far outside of my "bubble." Living in North America makes it easy to forget that there are people in the world that don't live the same way we are used to; The culture in South Africa is diverse comprised of prosperous cities and beauty but there are also are small towns with small tribes, which is something I have never seen before. I plan to travel to all of the main cities in the country. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to make sure I make the best of it. After researching and talking to a travel agent I came up with the following plan: Cape Town (4 days), Johannesburg (3 days), Sun City (3 days) and Kruger Park (3 days). Flying from city to city will be the most time efficient in order to make sure that I see everything I want to see within two weeks South Africa has a rich history that adds to its character as a diverse and varied country. As such, the people who make up the country have such varied backgrounds that make them so interesting.
I want to be able
to immerse myself
in the authentic
of South Africa
and learn
the rich
history A Culture with so much diversity! FOOD Food is an important indicator of culture. I want to explore the country based on its unique food customs. South Africans are known for the barbeques (Braais) so it would be great to participate in some of the food tradtions.

Biltong- strips of dried meat which come in various flavour and types

Potjiekos- a slowly cooked meat and vegetable stew

Boerewors- a spicy sausage

Reccomendation: La Colombe in Cape Town, a mix of French and contemporary cuisine Some Famous Foods OTELS Going from city to city will give me the opportunity to see all the beautiful hotels and architecture In Cape Town I plan to stay at the Cape Town Hollow Johannesberg is full of great hotels surrouned by great shops, restaurants and parks. Here, I want to stay somewhere nice and in the middle of all the fun! The Grace In Rosebank is classic and luxurious Museums The Apartheid Museum South African Museum and Planetarium Located in Cape Town, this museum is known for its excellent displays on the Khoisan, a unifying name for two ethnic groups in South Africa Who is on my trip... I would love to go to South Africa with my best friends! Being 21 years old, I think that traveling with people my age would be a perfect way to see the country. We can combine sight-seeing with a nightlife experience that I wouldn't be able to have with my family. Additionally, I think its important to learn how to travel independently from my parents. Located in Johannesberg since 2001, The Apartheid Museum deals with the 20th century history of the country, focused on their apartheid story and the struggles the people of South Africa have encountered. I would love to gain insight on the rich history of the country. Vacation Checklist sights and landmarks to see cities to see who to go with where to go budget :( Budget This dream vacation would not come for free, and it is hard to think about balancing student loans, rent and an extravagent vacation! In order to go to South Africa, I would need to have between $10,000.00 and $12,000.00. A stop-over flight would cost around $2500.00 roundtrip and the cost of hotels and traveling within the country. Clearly, at this time in my life, this trip would be impossible, but it is fun to dream of a vacation! all images found by google.com images and video by youtube.com
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