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Nowhere yo Call Home by Logan King

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere yo Call Home by Logan King

The efects of the deprecation
the stock market crashes, and the deprecation happens. Many rich people became pore, and business owners became bankrupt. A lot of people became homeless.
Other trane riders
Stewpot hasn't found out Frances is a girl because she is trying to look like a boy. Shes afrade to tell hes because when he finds out he might leave her.
Frances becomes fatherless
Franceses' dad killed himself because he was so sucesfull in buisines and the depresion took all that away. He was nothing, he couldnt live with himself
Frances becomes a hobo
After Franceses' father died she decided she wanted to jump tranes and go around the world. She findes out a girl dosnt get treated like a boy. So she goes and buys boy clothes and she gets treated better and no one knows that shes a girl.
Becoming homeless
The bank came to there house and took all there stuff after her father died. They were given trane tickets to Chicago and they sold them and hoped the same trane.
Nowhere to Call Home
Logan King
Working For Food
they will go to peoples houses and ask for work in trade of food. People also asked to do work in restronts for food as pay
not only is Frankie fatherles but she is friendless
Stewpot became vary sick Frankie tried to save stew all she could but she didnt in time. After that she went home to Chicogo to live with her aunt.
Frankie finaly tells stewpot thar shes a girl. Stewpot alredy knew buy how she treated him and how nice she was.
Hoovervills are naborhoods made by hobos. Houses were made from enythind the hobos could find
hoovervills name
the word Hoovevill coms from the presadend hover witch caused the depretion.
Stewpots last run
stewpot died in a hoovervill under a car roof. Frankie tried to get a hospital but by the time she found one she came back and stew died.
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