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The Snow Goose

No description

Ella O'Reilly

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The Snow Goose

This short story novel was very good it was made into a movie!!!
Paul Gallico
Paul Gallico's first name
is paul William Gallico!
He was born on the 26th
of July and died on the
He was an american
novelist,short story and
15th of July 2016
and sports writer.
The Snow Goose
By Paul Gallico
He is best remembered for
his book the snow
Setting the Scene
The story is set on the Essex
coast between the village of
Chelmbury and the ancient
and the ancient Saxon oyster-
fishing hamlet of Wikaeldroth.
It is one of the last of the wild
places in England,a low far
reaching expanse of grass
and reeds and half
submerged medowlands
ending in great saltings
and mudflats and
tidal pools near
the sea.
The Main Characters
The two main characterts are
Frith and Ryhadar.
Philip Ryhadar is a kind,caring,artistic
animal loving distorted man.
He loves animals and painting and lives
in the marshes all alone
well not quite
if you count all the different birds he looks
after during the cold harsh Winter
On the outside Rhyadar looks
like a scary,unfriendly distorted man
but on the inside he's a funny,kind and
helpful man.
He was all alone in the Marshes
but then Frith came along.
A Snow Goose
in flight!!!
Paul Gallico
Me and my class watched the movie
together and I thought it was very good
but I preffered the book!!!!!!
I thought it was a very good movie
considering it was very old.
I recommend the book for ages 11 or 12 up
and the movie for 11 or 12 up too.
I rate the movie 5 staes and the book 4 stars.
Video clip of
snow geese in flight
The main characters
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