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color-blind aids:):)

you will love it:):)

bailey wagers

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of color-blind aids:):)

color-blind aids:):) By: Bailey .W. Aids students who cannot see the right color and/or have trouble seeing colors. 1. What disability or disabilities does color-blind aids have?? Aids students who have bad or low eye site/ vision. 2. What disability or disabilities does your assistive technology target? They may encounter difficulties in discriminating small dirrerences in colors, but usually they do not perform those with normal color vision, except on color vision test. 3. Describe what your assistive technology does. The problem a blind user has is that one begins to read, not knowing ... of brown, and most red, yellow, and green items appear to be of a similar color 4.How could this technology benefit someone with limitations
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