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The Freeport Doctrine

No description

Caroline Vogl

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Freeport Doctrine

The Freeport Doctrine
What is it?
Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858: competing for senator seat in Illinois
2nd debate, part of what Douglas said = Freeport Doctrine
Popular sovereignty over Dred Scott decision
ie states/territories should vote on slavery-related laws
Influence on Civil War
Lincoln gained national recognition
becoming big Repub. player
split Dem. party
allowing Lincoln to win election
Sectionalism - Freeport Doctrine split Dem. party
South Dem. - wanted slavery to be allowed everywhere (Dred Scott)
North Dem. - popular sovereignty
Sectionalism leads to Civil War. Interest in own region, not rest of country.
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