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OCSB PQP- The Connected Educator

Tech Tools for Growing as Educators and for Effective Teaching in the Classroom

Tim Slack

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of OCSB PQP- The Connected Educator

Professional Development Bringing the PLN to your school Blogs My Rabbi Dov Emerson @dovemerson, Assistant Principal, Long Island, New York
What is so amazing about my PLN is that it is this living breathing thing - you ask a question, and you get responses from all sort of knowledgeable and helpful educators around the world! Having this group of all star educators in my back pocket (on my phone while waiting in line at the store, etc) has made me a better, more reflective educator. I now routinely look to others to learn about best practices instead of just trying to figure it out on my own. @ryflinn Kindergarten Teacher, North Canton, Ohio -Twitter has allowed me to grow as an educator. Most of the time I get ideas from other educators and most of the time other educators make me think about my own thinking. @stormyhickman1 - Educator and Administrator in College Station, Texas
I am in my second year as a school administrator, and there are so many things that I still need and want to learn. Today I may need resources on inclusion...tomorrow it may discipline...the next day it may be technology in the classroom. Twitter lets me access experts and research in an instant. Meg Bertapelle - Silicon Valley, CA - Instructional Designer @megbertapelle - I had never heard of a PLN until maybe a year ago, but I love it! I have learned soooo much by connecting with colleagues from all over the world, via Twitter mainly, but also live conferences, Skype, and blogs. I now feel like I have a wonderful group of really smart friends who are ready and willing to help me out whenever I need it. @808lika - Hawai'i
The biggest influence in developing a Twitter PLN was the Tuesday morning #edchat where, in real time, I could connect with interesting educators and exciting ideas to improve my teaching. I enjoy the fast, easy access to new perspectives from around the world... @i_teach_K - Sue Holt, Naselle WA In June of 2011 I was a burned out Kindergarten teacher facing another year of teaching those amazing, exhausting munchkins in a school district where I was the ONLY kindergarten teacher. I’d signed up for twitter a few months prior because it was the ‘new’ thing, but had hardly used it. Then I found the #kinderchat hashtag and fell in love with K, K teachers, professional development in a way I hadn’t experienced in my 6 years teaching K on my own, or in the years of preschool before that. #kinderchat inspired me with new ideas. Power of the PLN Meaningful Relationships Stepping Up
Your PLN Game Culture of the What's going on is a culture shift...
From ‘This is MY lesson plan,
YOU can't have it’...
to ‘Here! Take this! I made it!’ NOT Nick Burns They teach the same subjects you do, the same grade level, and maybe even the exact same lessons at times. They have experience, tech knowledge, all the resources you could imagine, and they are just waiting for you to ask questions. When you ask them a question someone answers right away. Actually, several of them answer. And not only do they give you help and advice, but they point you in the right direction. You get links, videos, documents, all right in front of you. Imagine if you could collect a hundred or so teachers in a room from all over the world. This is called... Your Personal Learning Network Or, PLN for short. ...and it really will exist if you want it to. Global? Personal Professional Development Negative Feedback Loop Why a PLN? Share Learn Inspire Be Inspired Perfect Our Craft Refocus New
Peprspectives Beyond Our Four Walls Education is a Global Endeavor Shmooze in the teacher's lounge Comfortable Existing Relationships Natural What is it? Definitions... There are Magazines Just for Brides?? To the Web! Lots Out There! Connecting Sharing Twitter Learning Social Media to the Rescue! REALLY?? A Revolution Beneath the Surface Twitter What is it? Avoiding Information Overload Baby Steps Jumping In Twitter Lists / Twitter Clients Filtering Hashtags Lurking/Learning Try these 5 simple steps

Get a Twitter account
"Follow" someone you know
Look at who they follow, and follow more
Learn the basic lingo and etiquette: Retweet, Hashtags, etc.
Ask a question, answer a question, and start connecting #EdChat Google Reader RSS CybraryMan.com To the "Real World" Change the
School Culture Beyond Our Community Connect Teachers
to the PLN Guest Presenter Conference / Sessions One Topic Per Event / Limited Staff Meeting A PLN.... Experiment Intelligent people use their brain.
Successful people use
intelligent people's brains. @web20classroom
@chrislehmann Twitter Starter Kit HootSuite Tweetdeck -Eric Sheninger, Georgia Teacher Meetup, January 21, 2011 Forward Thinking (Courtesy of @W_York, member of my PLN) (Courtesy of @W_York, member of my PLN) Organization The Connected Communication Teaching Tools Creativity Collaboration Support / PLN working in the cloud presentation backchannel feedback making communication easier iPhoneography video flipping the classroom iPads in the classroom & beyond content curation / sharing Educator #cpchat #NTChat #PTChat #EngChat Infographics! TwitterFall Tim Slack @slackt #pqp Cheat Sheet Google Doc- http://bit.ly/Y7Sthw Today's Presentation - http://bit.ly/PJDXf8 @pascaldresse Teacher, New Zealand - Twitter is amazing. It opens a million different doors all from the comfort of your laptop/pc. As an educator in New Zealand I am able to communicate/engage/share and build a learning network with people worldwide. It allows me to keep up to date with education trends around the world. It also provides a sounding board to any questions/queries I might have. @grade56j OCSB - My PLN web connects to multiple and ever-growing numbers of teachers, administrators, researchers and learners with like interests from all over the world- leaving me to sample, enjoy, learn, discuss, or reflect from a rich buffet of informative, thought-provoking, practical or fun tweets. @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt @slackt
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