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Fences: Act II Comprehension Questions, Scene ii

No description

Meredith Coviello

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Fences: Act II Comprehension Questions, Scene ii

Scene ii Fences: Act II Comprehension Questions 8) What has changed between Rose & Troy?
Give 2 examples. 8) Rose & Troy's entire dynamic has changed. They are annoyed with one another.
1) They haven't spoken in months: "All of a sudden, after all this time, yo want to talk to me, huh? You ain't wanted to talk to me for months" (Wilson 73).
2) Troy has been leaving without telling Rose where he's going, & hasn't been coming home after work: "It's been going on six months now you ain't been coming home" (Wilson 63). 9) What has Troy done to his brother Gabe?
Why? 9) Troy signed the papers to re-commit Gabe to the hospital. In return, Troy received half of Gabe's money.
10) On page 76, what happens to Troy? 10) On page 76, Troy finds out he's a father to a little girl & that Alberta died during childbirth. Rose tells Troy: "...Alberta had the baby...it's a girl...Alberta died during childbirth" (Wilson 76). 11) What does Troy say to Death at the end of the scene? 11) At the end of the scene Troy tells Death, "I'm gonna take & build me a fence around this yard...And I want you to stay on the other side. See? You stay over there until you're ready for me. Then you come on...This is between you & me" (Wilson 77).
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