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Copy of Read Aloud Novels: The Magic Tool!!

No description

Miss C

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Read Aloud Novels: The Magic Tool!!

Read Aloud Novels: The Magic Tool!

The Read Aloud
Novel Journey Begins
My Learning

Teaching reading strategies in tandem with Read Aloud Novels is the perfect way to model successful reading with "think alouds"

Reading with inflection, showing your passion for the book, and ending the days' reading at a suspenseful part creates student enthusiasm

Giving students the freedom to record their thoughts and questions in their Read Aloud Notebooks lends itself to student creativity and a love for reading

Using new books that have strong moral themes make for the best read-aloud novels

Writing and Talking about reading enhances student comprehension and leads them to do so in their own books

Sharing students unique Read Aloud Notebook work on the ELMO motivates students to be more attentive and take risks, good way to use summative assessment

Continuing to be reflective makes a positive difference, still plan to make it better and better

Meghan Connelly
Fourth Grade Teacher
Forest Hills School District- Mercer Elementary

My Mission
During a meeting with my principal a year ago, I learned I would:

Transition from teaching 6th to 4th grade
Teach Reading
Be responsible for FINDING OR CREATING A NEW 4th GRADE READING MODEL (current basal not engaging students)
After much research and discussion with colleagues, the concept of using read aloud novels was the most intriguing...

“Reading aloud is crucial...read spectacular literature aloud in such a way that children listen with rapt attention, clamoring for more…The best way to tap into the potential power of reading aloud, however, is to use the read-aloud and book talk time to explicitly teach the skills of higher-level comprehension. (12)”
-Lucy Culkins
My Action Research Question:
How effective would read aloud novels be in my fourth grade classroom?
Takes place in Reading Corner
I sit in rocking chair
Students calmly sit on carpet
Students bring no supplies
20-25 minutes
Students obeyed the rules
They enjoyed our first two read aloud novels

Challenge #1
My students begged for more time to discuss the books: before, during, and after reading
"Think, Pair, Share"
Many students had already
read "Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory" and "The Miraculous
Journey of Edward Tulane." No one was on
the edge of their seats!
Challenge #2
Read new books- Newberry buzz and strong life lessons
Chose three of these options, students vote

The Four NEW Read Aloud Novels We Chose!
Some students were not retaining information from the previous read aloud session
Challenge #3
The Read Aloud Notebook!!
December- Three subject notebook
Allowed to write or draw anything, BUT must relate to novel
Total ownership- showed no examples
No right or wrong answers
Thinking stems posted (Comprehension Connections) around the room for guidance
I was very apprehensive to trust students to stay on task before we began.....

RA Notebooks were an absolute hit!! All students were on task, motivated, proud, taking more creative risks, AND comprehending more!
3D Model Habitats
Fake Facebook Profiles
Plays/Readers Theater
Informational Reports
Setting Blueprints
“You know Ms. Connelly, I love reading, but I feel like we are in a race every day to get done. It is so relaxed during our read aloud, and then after it’s over, we always have so much to do and so little time. It is stressful to learn everything in reading!" -Olivia
Challenge #4
Explicitly teach our reading strategies using our read aloud novel- subtract additional mentor text
Use "think alouds"

“Using a powerful strategy called ‘think-alouds,’ teachers can read aloud for unfamiliar selections in front of students, stopping frequently to ‘open their heads’ and vocalize their internal thought process…This kind of teacher modeling demonstrates for kids the complex mental processes involved in skillful reading.” -Zemelman, "Best Practices"
"Ms. Connelly, every day I pray you pull my popsicle stick out. I get so excited when you do, but I wish everyone could see each others' notebooks, we all do such creative stuff!!" -Ernesto
Challenge #5
Post students' Read Aloud Notebook work on ELMO
Held students accountable
Summative Assessment
More attentive
Students taking ownership by voting and reading a brand new book made a huge positive difference!
New Reading Plan-40ish Minutes:

1. Reading Strategy Mini-Lesson (CAFE and Comprehension Connections)

2. Read Aloud Novel with think-alouds- highlighting current reading strategy

3. Think/Pair/Share- before, during, and after read aloud with peers, using Read Aloud Notebooks

“I love, love, love read alouds! You pick really good and new books. I like when you read the book using the ELMO so we can all see, although I like you reading in the rocking chair too. The only bad thing is that you stop reading, I wish we could read all day! I love the reading notebooks too! Then you can write, draw, and do fun games and projects based off of them. I also like how when you read aloud, you purposefully use our CAFÉ strategies. It reminds me I need to do it in my own book. When you read to the class, it makes me want to read more, more, and more! I have begged you to read more A LOT! But anyway, the point is, I love read alouds.” -Matilda
Positive Student Feedback: Great Success!
Timeline from "The One and Only Ivan"
A visualization of Ruby from "The One and Only Ivan"
Circle of characters leading to one another from "Wonderstruck"
Sequence of events from "Out of My Mind"
Snowball: answer questions
Speed Dating: share notebook recordings
Book Projects
“Using our reading notebooks really helps because it's like putting our thoughts on paper.”
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