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mhamad abdl hady

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of IPTV

Over Wireless System
DR. : Mohammed Sharaf
Supervised by :
DR. : Ehsan Eid
group names :
1- Ibrahim Shaaban El Basheer
2- Islam Mohammed Sayed Hashem
3- Basant Zakaria Mohammed Ahmed
4- Samar Bahaa El Den Abdl moneam Taha
5- Muhammad Mahmoud Abdl Hady
6- Marwa sabry Sayed Sayed
7- Yasmen Alaa Mahmoud Mahmoud
So, What is
Services that IPTV Can provide :
Interactive TV / Two way communication

Internet Protocol Television
a system capable of receiving and displaying a video stream encoded as a series of Internet Protocol packets
IPTV refers to the use of the IP as a delivery mechanism that can use the Internet, which represents a public IP-based network, or IPTV can be used to deliver video content over a private
IP-based network.
Television Basic and Premium

Video on Demand

Time shifted TV

Instant Messaging

TV Telephony

Gaming and Betting on Demand
Web and e-mail

Technology is ready

Market is ready

Acceptance by Consumer – low
entry barriers, Cost comparable
More control over service for user

What to watch and when to watch

More interactive

Better Quality

DVD quality video, CD quality music


Convergence – Single device to watch TV, surf web and video calling
PC is not attractive due to lower picture quality, cost and boot time

What makes IPTV better than other ?
Other the services that IPTV provide , there many other features :
Quality (Digital TV)
Greater personalization / tailored advertising

Two-way data flow (video on demand)

Combined features Voice over IP
Chat around content

The end
Thank you , any questions
Video Basics
What will we learn
Video and Audio Compression
IP Networking Basics From Video into IP Packets
Private Video Streaming and Media Players
IPTV-Delivering Television to Consumers
Smooth Streaming Deployment
Programming language
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