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Rebecca Pierce Pierce

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of Hooverisms

Hooverisms Hoover Blankets Hoover blankets consisted of newspaper, no one could afford real blankets but newspaper was the best thing they had to keep as warm as possible when they slept on the streets. Hoover Cars Hoover cars were really just mules pulling wagons. There was not enough money to pay for cars or gas so they made wagons. Hoover Hogs Hoover hogs are rabbits that
the people hunted for food. Hoover Shoes Hoover shoes, were worn out footwear with many holes in them. Fun Facts Herbert Hoover was the 31st president.
Hoover was glorified until the depression took place.
During the depression the stock market crashed and hoover then paniced.
Hoover took away income taxes and brought down interest rates.
On top of that Hoover demanded U.S to not get involved with other countries wars.
And Herbert Hoover went down hill from there. Works Cited
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The book To Kill A Mocking Bird takes place in the 1930s also known as the depression, and also during the depression Herbert Hoover was president.
During The Depression... By Rebecca Pierce This is a picture of Herbert
Hoover during his presidency.
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