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Early Renaissance-Games and Sports

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Chris Sanchez

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Early Renaissance-Games and Sports

Early Renaissance-Sports and Games For most of the Renaissance, card games were played frequently. Games like Frussi, which is now known as Primiera, were highly popular during that period. Frussi involves dealing four cards to every player, with the one who gets four of a kind wins. The game was played by everyone, from the royalty to peasants.

Another popular game was Basetta, in which the dealer lays down three cards. Players then have to draw a card from the pack with the aim of matching any of the exposed cards.

Chess was likewise a favorite game during the Renaissance period. Card Games Jousts and tournaments took the form of individual combat between armored knights, mounted or on foot, using lances, swords, axes and maces. Jousting was first practiced in the early Middle Ages. During these colorful public events, two knights fought to enhance their martial reputation. Jousting Pallone is a ball game that was played at the time, it was a game very similar to volleyball.
They also played a game called calcio. The game is still played to this day.The game was particularly popular during the 16th century as young men of 25 per team battled to bring their football to the other side of the goal. It is known as modern rugby.
The Pome which is a game of skill and strength, was also played during that time. The game had players throwing a spear at an apple that was hung from a tree or beam. They were allowed to run to get more momentum in taking aim at the target.
Soccer was very popular as well. Ball Games Long bows where not only used to fight in war but also used as a recreational piece of equipment. Kids would begin using bows as early as 5 years old. Many people found it as a fun activity to do. Bows have evolved very much over the years. Bows Here's an example of the modern bow. Tournaments Tournaments developed in 11th century France as an exercise to keep knights ready for battle. They originally included activities such as jousting, where two knights charged each other with lances, sword duels and dagger fights. By the 15th century, they were important social events where knights showed off their horsemanship, combat skills and courage. As knights became less important in battle, tournaments developed a theatrical quality. Many of the martial activities were replaced with recreational shows and activities.
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