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Copy of Hilton's Transformation Case Study

No description

Jesica Soriano

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hilton's Transformation Case Study

In earlier corporate culture employees are treated like family with close ties that's why superiority and years of employment play a big deal in promotion and even resulting to partial abuse and misconduct of some.
1. Contrast Hilton's earlier corporate culture with the emerging set culture
Promotions only happen inside and only a few are hired on the middle and senior position.
There is a huge gap between the way the "outside" and "inside" senior officials with regards to dealing with their employees and priorities.
Complaints on the poor service of the city like poor infrastructure of roads and also lack of respect of some employees to the taxpayers
The residents communicated their discontentment of how the city is being manage at its status and size.
A demand on "soft" was voiced out.
While in the emerginf set of culture hiring for the vacant positions are based on the employee's qualifications rather than seniority.
Outside departments no longer hold a high position in the in the city management.
A new platform was installed by the new installed leader which is improving the municipality's management structure
Though they underwent into rigorous process but the replacement of new mayors and council turn everything upside down. With hard work and dedication as well as the intense discipline that the new officials has exhibited.
2. Considering the difficulty in changing organizational culture, why does Hilton's management seem to be successful at this transformation?
There was a quick rsponse on the demand for "soft" services
Showed a low cost control.
New computer system was bought to give emphasis on cost control.
Identify two other strategies that the city consider to reinforce the new set of corporate values
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