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No description

Marjorie Schleper

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of SMART Goals

A goal is specific when anyone can read it and know what you are trying to accomplish without any extra explanation.

This step gives you a clear target to shoot for.

Questions to ask include:
Which? Timely All goals should be grounded within some sort of time frame.

Setting a time limit for a goal will make you more likely to achieve the goal and more likely to start working on that goal sooner rather than later.

This steps helps you to put into perspective when actions toward your final goal need to be taken and give your goal a sense of urgency. Nathaniel Nolden
Paige Kees
Marjorie Schleper SMART Goals Actionable Actionable goals have steps that are going to be taken to achieve the goal.

A goal is actionable when the results and steps to achieve them are described.

This step changes your attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to help achieve the goal. Realistic a realistic goal is something you are both willing and able to achieve.

a goal can be high and still realistic, you just need to determine how high of a goal you can achieve. If your original goal may be two high, turn one goal into two.

This step helps you to put into focus what goals are actually able to be accomplished. Measurable Measurable goals set a point in which progress is made towards.

A measurable goal should be able to answer: How many? How much? or How will I know when my goal is accomplished?

This step helps your measure your progress, stay on track, reach target dates, and experience achievement. Specific Activity Make your own SMART Goal relating to agriculture!! Specific
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