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The Fenian Raids

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Saranka P

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Fenian Raids

The Fenian Raids
What Were The Fenian Raids?
Why did the Fenian Raids encourage people to start thinking about the union of the British North American colonies?
When the Fenians launched raids across the border, Canadians feared a major invasion. This made them realize that they needed to unite to protect themselves. The union will help to develop national defense. Some people thought that if the colonies joined together, they could join their armies, and would be able to fight back. This external factor led up to confederation in British North America. More people will have a larger impact on the nation, than just single colonies on their own.
Fun Facts
a rapid surprise attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces
an act of armed resistance to an established government or leader
an organization which consists of a number of parties or groups united in an alliance or league

What I thought was interesting is that people thought the fenians were terrorists. They thought that because there were no justification for the Fenians to invade the British North America colonies from the U.S.

What I found interesting was that the Fenians thought that the best way to gain revenge was to hurt British interests in the U.S and British North America. The Fenians began to organize local groups in the U.S and the U.S government did not stop them because some politicians thought they might be helpful in the American invasion of British North America.

While researching about the Fenian Raids I realized that the Fenians wanted to take revenge on innocent civilians, just because they were of British interest. I thought this was interesting because they think that killing innocent lives, in another country, will help them gain independence in a different country.
This is a photograph of the Fenians at a market square in Fort Erie.
The Fenians were an organization of Catholic Irish American men who wanted to overthrow British rule in Ireland. They used armed rebellion in their attempt to gain independence. The Fenians felt that Britain had treated Ireland very badly and brought misery to its people. So they thought, what better way to gain revenge than to hurt British interests in the U.S. and British North America. The raids mainly targeted Canada West, Canada East, and New Brunswick. Some believed that the Fenians were freedom fighters, while others known them as terrorists.
Why does the Fenian Raids need to be addressed before the British North American colonies can move forward in unification?
If the Fenian Raids is not addressed before the British North American colonies move forward in unification the implications will be:
bad communication between colonies
a corrupted governing system
it will be harder to defend and protect because less people, less power
Since we are not a single colony this make us vulnerable to more harm and attack. Luckily for us, there was a conference held in England in 1866 to make final arrangements. In 1867, the British North American Act was passed, and on July 1, Canada was born. It was a self- governing nation within the British Empire.
Things We Found Interesting
* Most of the Irish supported the confederation at the end, just to show their loyalty
* Attacks were unsuccessful, but they still led to death of many innocent Canadians
*John A. Macdonald was one of the main people who led to confederation. He started that if the country was united, they would defend from the countries and feared the fenian raids.
* In 1866, the fenians captured Fort Erie in Canada West. They attacked New Brunswick and didn't succeed.
* The colonies along the border of the U.S were afraid such as the Nova Scotians. People became ready for the attacks as they became more frequent.
* The Fenian raids is commonly known as "The Road To Confederation" because it was the last event that led up to it.

Now here is a short video to summarize our presentation and give you more interesting facts.
Good morning class of 8D and Mrs. Knight. Today we will be sharing lots of information about the Fenian Raids. From watching our presentation you will learn:
What this event was about
Why it encouraged people to start thinking about the union of the British North American colonies
Why this event needs to be addressed before unification
We hope you enjoy watching our presentation just as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you.
*Bains, Colin. Pearson Canadian History. Canada: Pearson Education, 2008
*Hacker, Carlotta. The Kids Book of Canadian History. Canada: Kids Can Press, 2002
*Hayes, Derek. Canada. Canada: National Library of Canada Catalouging in Publication, 2004
Images and Videos:
This is a painting of The Battle of Ridgeway, June 2, 1866, in which a Fenian army of about 800 defeated a Canadian militia force of about 900.
This is a photograph of Sir John A. Macdonald.
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