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Baltimore Ravens

No description

Brice Sechrist

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens (round one) in 1996 and retired 2013 right after Super Bowl XLVII. His number is 52 and went to the University of Miami. Ray Lewis was born in Bartow, Florida May 15, 1975. He was in the Super Bowl XXXV and was the MVP. Ray Lewis got his first career sack against the Colts in 1996. The QB for the Colts that season was Jim Harbaugh.

The Ravens beat the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV 34-7. The Ravens got three touchdowns in 37 seconds. Anquan Boldin was on the Arizona Cardinals 2003-2009. He was drafted in second round pick and is on the Baltimore Ravens since 2010 and his number is 81. He has 772 receptions. He went to Florida State for college. He was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2003. He has 10,165 receiving yards. He has 58 receiving touchdowns. I am soooo beautiful Look at that ball! Joe Flacco was drafted to Baltimore Ravens in 2009 and is still playing. Super Bowl XLVII named him the MVP and he went to Disney World. He was in the first round pick. He went to the college Delaware. He made 2,489 pass attempts and 1, 507 of thoughs were completed. He has 17, 633 yards of passing. M&T Bank Stadium is the name of the Baltimore Ravens stadium. It was built in September 6, 1998. They broke the ground in July 23, 1996. The stadium has four different names, 1. Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards 2.PSINet Stadium 3. Ravens Stadium 4. M&T Bank Stadium. It cost $220 million dollars. The nicknames are "The House that Ray Lewis Built" ,"The Ravens Nest" Ed Reed was drafted in first round(24) and was drafted to Baltimore Ravens in 2002. He went to Miami for college. He has 605 tackles, 61 interceptions, 13 touchdowns, and 11 forced fumbles. He had a neck injury 2011. People say he can't hit, but he can. He is #20. Terrell Suggs is an outside linebacker and defensive end. He went to Arizona State. He was in the first round pick(10). Was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens in 2003. He has 587 tackles, 84.5 sacks , 7 interceptions, and 27 forced fumbles. Ray Rice was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 and is still their running back. He was in the second round pick(55) and went to the college of Rutgers. He has 5,520 yards of rushing, 33 rushing touchdowns and 2,713 receiving yards, and 6 receiving touchdowns. Torrey Smith was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens in 2011. He was in the second round pick(58). He went to the college of Maryland. He has 99 recemptions, 1,696 receiving yards, and 15 receiving touchdowns. Torrey lost his brother a day before a game against the New England Patriots and had his best game ever. His brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. People wanted him to not play the game against the Patriots, but he decided to play for his brother. His brother is in the picture on the right on the top. Justin Tucker is the Baltimore Ravens kicker. He has made 30 field goals, and he has attempted 33 field goals. He went to the college Texas and was drafted in 2012 And of course... The head coach... John Harbaugh Some of your
Raven Players!!!!! They have been to 2 Super Bowls. One was Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XLVII. They beat the New York Giants 34-7. They beat the San Fransico 49ers 34-31. They also had the name "The Brother Bowl" for Super Bowl XLVII. And the legends of the Baltimore Ravens are... Deion Sanders, CB, 2004-2005 Jonathan Ogden, OT, 1996-2007 Shannon Sharpe, TE, 2000-2001 Rod Woodson, S, 1998-2001 Thank You for watching. Please comment on my prezi and rate. Thank you!
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