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Copy of How do oil spills affect plant growth?

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Ali Hussain

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of How do oil spills affect plant growth?

How do oil spills affect plant

What is an Oil spill?
An oil spill is the release of crude oil or Hydrocarbon Petroleum into the environment such as oceans, lakes, and forest, due to human activity. An oil spill is a form of pollution.
Where can oil spills happen?
Oil spills can happen mostly anywhere. Two very common places an oil spill can happen is on land and water. Oil spills are very dangerous on both places because if on water, animals,and drinking water, and people are affected and if on land, it will affect animals, plants, and sometimes people.
An Oil spill affects lots of things. Some examples of what oil spills affect are: wildlife, oceans, lakes, forests, cities, drinking water, trees, animals,plants, and humans. Some of these things are really important because most of them help us live such as water, and trees.
How do oil spills affect plant growth?
What does an oil spill
Oil spills affect plant growth because the crude oil does not allow it to use Photosynthesis because spilled oil floats on the surface of the water. It also reduces the water quality which does not allow photosynthesis. After the oil spill, the residue may form something called or referred to as oil mouse and any plants that are in the spills path will suffer from reduced water quality and no photosynthesis. Basically, the crude oil will stop the process of photosynthesis which disables the plants growth.

Some famous oil spills.
Some famouse oil spills are:
1.Gulf war 1991 Kawait 240 to 336 gallons
2.Ferganna valley Uzbekistan 87.7 million gallons
3.Amoco Cadiz, 1978 Off Brittany, France 68.7 million gallons
Pictures of oil spills
Pictures of plants after
an oil spill
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