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English Project

Weird Animal - Platypus

Tsang tsz yan Corrine

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of English Project

Each question you answer
will receive a present Pay attention!!!!! :) 7. Which way does a female platypus give birth? 3.How long are the platypuses?
4.How heavy are the platypuses? 5.Which food do platypuses eat? (State two of them.)
6. What time do platypuses active?(In the morning or at night?) Question Time Group members:
Christy Chan (3)
Corrine Tsang (29)
Alice Wong (30)
Rachel Yip (35) Question Time beaver Otter 1. How special does platypus look like?
2. Which place do platypuses rest? 8.How many days are needed for the eggs to hatch? 9.How many years can a platypus live? A platypus looks like part of beavers, otters and ducks. They rest in burrows. Platypuses weight 6 pounds only. Ten days are needed number seven number five number eight (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr They active at night (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr A pregnant female platypus dig a burrow nest and lay 1-3 shelled egg. At least 16 years. Australia and Tasmania. The End A. At least 26 years B. At least 30 years C. At least 16 years 10. Which country do platypus come from? Platypuses are small cratures, about 2 feet long They eat worms, insects, small crabs, tadpoles and shrimps. (Any two of them)
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