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Movies for ESL students

ESL lesson on going to the Movies and Movie Genres

David Kruchten

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Movies for ESL students

Going to the MOVIES Genres Action Explosions Guns Stuntmen Comedy Funny Laughing Jokes Romance Love Thriller Suspense Conspiracy Drama Action Horror Scary Monsters and demons Western Cowboys Indians Horses Gun Fights Science Fiction Sci-Fi Aliens Future Robots Outer Space Epic Big Budget History Battles Drama Sad True story The Cinema Movie Ticket Ticket Counter Buying a ticket Inside the cinema Seats Aisles The Screen Movie projector Snacks Popcorn and soft drink Dialogue:

A: What is your favorite movie?

B: My favorite movie is ________.
It is a/an ________ and has ______ in it.

A: My favorite movie is ________. It is a/an _______ and
has _________ in it.

B:Yeah that is a great movie Q&A

Q: What is your favorite genre?
A: My Favorite Genre is_______.

Q: Who is your favorite Actor?
A: My favorite actor is_______.

Q: Do you like going to the movies?
A: _____ I like going to the movies. Animation bite off more than one can chew do more than you should What type of movie is this? action or science fiction romance I often bite off more than I
can chew at school. What is the following clip? Action Drama Romance Epic Comedy Adventure Thriller Horror Western Sci-Fi Animation INDY Rat
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