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Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II

No description

Patty Lacson

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II

Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II
Presented by: Patricia S. Lacson


requires an individual to conceptualize and rank likenesses and differences as properties of an object and to compare these abstract likenesses to those of another object, identifying the one that most appropriate.
assesses aptitudes and intelligence. It yields a profile of ten subtest scores, and scores for Verbal, Performance and Full Scale. Scores can be expressed as standard scores, percentiles, or IQ's.

Aptitude assessment for employment purposes.
Research into intellectual processes and their relation to other psychological constructs, job performance, and learning.
Neuropsychological assessment and research.

reflects the degree to which an individual has accumulated a fund of knowledge about diverse topics.

This test requiring the solution of numerical problems, reflects reasoning and problem solving abilities.

The MAB-II can be administered individually or in groups via paper-and-pencil format. Software administration is also available. The time limit for each subtest is seven (7) minutes
The MAB-II assesses 10 distinct domains of human intellectual functioning, grouped into two (2) broader categories, as follows:

In it's narrow interpretation, vocabulary is an indication of the number of words or verbal concepts that have been learned and stored.
Comprehension assesses the ability to evaluate social situations to identify behavior that is more socially desirable and to give the reasons why certain laws and social customs are practiced.

Digit Symbol
Picture Completion
Picture Arrangement
Object Assembly

Digit Symbol

requires the learning of a new coding system and its use in a context in which visual-motor activity is important.

Picture Completion

requires the identification of important missing elements in a picture and requires knowledge of a variety of common objects and the rules used for simplified sketches.

is the ability to visualize abstract objects in different positions in two-dimensional space and to be sensitive to critical difference among alternatives.
Picture Arrangement

requires the respondent to identify a meaningful sequence from a random sequence where the meaningful sequence often has a humorous interpretation.
Object Assembly

requires that the respondent identify a meaningful object from a left to right sequence of disarranged segments.

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