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Ferenc Arató

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

learning structures

Open and Flexible Structures of Learning
Focus on structures of learning
Open for all individuals
Flexible for immediately changes
Principles of Cooperative Learning
Personally Inclusive Parallel Interaction
providing the highest number of interaction during a certain period of time
anyone can enter with her/his whole personality
Constructive and Encouraging Interdependence
Positive interdependence vs negative interdependence
Learning builds on the efforts of every single participants
Participants cannot do their task without each other
Equal Access and Participation
Providing equal access to the resources, to the others' knowledge, reflections
Providing equal opportunities for participation and articulation actively and interactively
Personal Responsibility and Individual Accountability
Resources to which the learners can personally respond (take actions, tasks, put questions, articulate feelings, demands)
Structures in which each of the participants can be accountable
Conscious Development of Inter-, Intra-personal, Cognitive and Learning Competences
Autonomy in learning
Reflective and critical approaches
Acting within the Big Picture
We can speak about cooperative structures when the learning structures have all the principles built-in to their steps.
... attitudes, roles, teachers' role
Cooperative Network Results
(Arató-Varga 2005)
(Kagan 2009, USA)
Comprehension of text
(Benda 2002, Hungary)
Destruction of hierarchical, discriminative, racist structures of learning and education by...
...by construction of cooperative structures within classrooms, schools, districts and education systems!
Both destruction and construction (de-construction) are ACTIONS!
So we should speak about de-constr-action by the means of cooperative structures!
Cooperative Workshop of Pécs

Structural horizon of interpretation:

Structural-sociometric approach (Moreno, Mérei): Vastagh

Critical and productive learning: Bárdossy, Dudás, Priskinné, Pethőné

Humanistic Cooperative Learning (Benda): Orbánné

Principle based post-structural approach (Aronson, Johnson brothers, Kagan): Arató-Varga

Cooperative Learning as de-constructive paradigm: Arató
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