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What car drives u?

BMW Vs. Audi Vs. Mercedes-Benz


on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of What car drives u?

Caitlin, Kimberley, Shaun, Meiqian
What car drives you?
Product: A means of transport with added luxury.
Product: Leather seats, air bags, ergonomic seats,
Product: User-friendly interface of electronics, Mercedes Car Club
1. New product features
Self-healing paint
Wi-fi hotspot
Voice activation
Self-driving vehicle

2. Re-packaging
a new range of skins, customized decal vinyl's

3. New product line
extensive colour/model range for a younger elite generation.
An extension of an old product through new features and an advancement in technology which will lead to an extended lifespan resulting in further growth of sales.
Re-packaging provides a way for the company to give a mature product a new image, particularly if the product and previous image has limited its target audience.

Fresh packaging can draw in a new part of the market by tapping into that market & visual preferences
New concepts of BMW -- in specific topics

Access the project online

Co-creators -- car fans with great ideas

BMW Group Ideal Context

1st project "Tomorrow ‘s Urban Mobility Services"

Latest running "BMW Trunk Ideal Context"
BMW Co-creation lab
Placement: every country (e.g. each state in Australia)

Participant: owners, passion fans

Events: local and country tours, family outings, dinners and barbeques
e.g. Concourse d’Elegance

Aim: find the exchange of technical information invaluable in minimizing the cost of ownership

Advertising campaigns
Audi Innovation Dialogue
Encourages users to think about the future

Offers rewards to the one whose ideas

limited to €1,000 for good concepts
Relation to product;
High-quality content;
Degree of innovation;
Mercedes-Benz Car Club
Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, use television ads and magazine advertisements make up the majority of the communications.
Uses feature appeals by focusing on the dominant traits of the BMW brand.

such as it being environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and a high engine quality and performance.
Also uses Feature appeals and explores the benefits of the safety features, the physical appearance of the interior and exterior and the technology within the car itself
Focuses on particular traits the car model and brand possesses

such as the quality, the prestigious nature of the brand, the engine (speed and acceleration) the design and on top of all its unique features it advertises how it's a combination of all of the positive features of other cars.
Target Market
Upper liberals
Upper conservative
Internet marketing
Social networks
Mercedes Benz
Target Market

Traditionally targeted at middle-aged to retired individuals
Recently targets yuppie crowd

Strategic advertising
Social networking
Target market
Age group of 25 to 41
Working class adults with an above average salary
Celebrity effect (e.g. Justin Timberlake, etc)
Total Product Concept
Product: Sheer driving pleasure on the road
Product: ABS, HID lights, Low profile tires, air bags
Product: Premium warranty, after-sales service
Product: Comfort in the driving seat.
Product: Leather seats, powerful engine, sporty exterior, aerodynamics
Product: Premium warranty, stature and Audi Multimedia
New product line
3 products chosen in this project: BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz (3 of the world’s best-selling luxury automakers known as the German Big 3)

For product class: BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C Class
Became an automobile manufacturer in 1929

During WW2, BMW concentrated on aircraft engine production until 1948

A brand which the majority of people in the world will relate to style, status and speed
Reputation of the first automotive company to produce world’s first petrol powered car

Maintained a reputation for its quality and durability since 1926 and emphasized more towards luxury rather than speed
First car company to produce 100% galvanized vehicles in 1975

The Audi emblem is four overlapping rings that represent the four marques of Auto Union
The Class of Mercedes

Brand Name Awareness:
Mercedes-Benz Car Club that was established for proud Mercedes owners and ethusiasts
Sponsored New York fashion week
Reviews from several accredited websites and TV shows such as Top Gear.
Brand loyalty
Mercedes-Benz Corporate Program
Perceived Brand Quality
Their slogan: the best or nothing
Belief in "innovation, performance, quality and awareness of tradition.
The Power of BMW

Brand Name Awareness:
Celebrity endorsements, generate publicity through word of mouth promotions

Brand Loyalty
BMW Corporate program

Perceived Brand Quality
With their slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine. Sustainability, Efficiency, Future"

Brand Associations
"BMW Has always been a pioneer of sustainability..."
Movement to become more green and reduce waste. its more than a car its an act of care towards our environment and world
The Recommendations are added features of the cars to extend a product Life cycle
The Audacity of Audi

Brand Name Awareness
Featured in Box office Movies
Partnered with Various Top art Institutes in Australia
Allows its brand and automobiles to be showcased to the world
Sponsorship of Bayern Munich.

Brand Loyalty
Audi's Corporate Program
Only available if you choose to become a member
Broaden Audi's Network and Connections

Perceived Brand Quality
Audi's slogan "Advancement Through Technology"
Focuses on technological aspects of the vehicle

Brand Associations
State of the art safety features
Large amounts of money in research, development and testing of cars.
Believe in innovation, advanced technology and competition
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