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Cultural Clash

No description

Cultural Clash

on 24 April 2011

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Transcript of Cultural Clash

Architecture Greece Political Power Political Power Architecture Rome Political Power Architecture Hebrew Cultural Clash Aniket Daphne Wesley Jamie As a King... As a Mathematician... As a Mathematician... As a King... As an Architect... As a Politician... As a Politician... As an Artist... As an Architect... Parthenon As a citizen... As an artist... As a citizen... athenians used optical illusions not using correct geometry Colosseum Emperor Vespasian started construction of the Colosseum in AD 72. Finished in 80 B.C Gladiators fought against wild animals Started 447 BC Ended 432 BC Dedicated for Athena Ionic Doric Corinthian Doric and Ionic were used more Corinthian not used as much Famous For their Arches Three Arches The Romans were the first to come up with the bathhouse Hebrew Synagogue originated on eastern shore of Aegian Sea

Ionia Influenced many cultures

Helenistic 950 B.C. design varied greatly Important local political power
until Babylonians conquered During Saul's, David's, and Solomon's rule,
the Hebrews were strong. 922 B.C. Solomon died

Son lost control Split into Israel and Judah Assyrians conquer Israel Judah Maccabee revolts against Syrians
164 B.C. Hebrews free nation Babylonians Conquer Assyrians then conquer Judah Persians conquer Babylonia
and free Hebrews Syria conquers Hebrews 63 B.C. Rome conquers Judah Zealots Diaspora spread Jews First main use during Babylonian Captivity Interior Where scrolls are kept Positioned so people facing it face Jerusalem Torah Ark Where Torah is read In Western world, face east

In Eastern world, face west Temple of Jerusalem Built during Solomon's rule Came here to say prayers and leave offerings Destroyed by Babylonians 2nd Temple of Jerusalem Completed in 515 B.C.

Built by Jewish exiles after Cyrus freed them And made it hard to practice religious beliefs Colum Styles no measurements temple of jerusalem believed to have semicircular roof (s)
rectangle foundation Mathematician created arch
used keystone, so can balanced
not perfectly semicircled
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