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LIFE Leadership 8-Step Pattern


Martin Spusta

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of LIFE Leadership 8-Step Pattern

Step 1 - Define Your Dream
Step 2 - The Commitment
Step 3 - Make a List
Step 4 - The Contact
Step 5 - Show The Plan
Step 6 - Follow Through
Step 8 - Coach and Mentoring
Step 7 - Getting Started
DEFINE YOUR DREAM - If you don't have a compelling "reason why" to build your business, it is almost certain that you will not succeed. Your dream is the cornerstone of your new future so take the time to define what really matters to you most! What is your picture of success? If time and money were no object to attaining your perfect life, what would you do? Where do you want to be in the next 2-5 years? What excites you? who would you like to help? What do you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve it?
THE COMMITMENT - Your level of commitment will be determined by the amount and the type of activities you engage in. Are you willing to listen to audio trainings, to read positive books, and attend training events that will teach and inspire you? Are you willing to purchase and promote products that will help you to create residual income? Are you a team player, ready to do whatever it takes to move the team forward? Become PBO!
THE LIST - Compiling a strong resource list, of names, and helping others to compile their lists is a critical step to the business building process. Include names of family members, friends, work associates, acquaintances, etc. Unless they are someone you don't feel comfortable having on your team, put every name on your list.
THE CONTACT - Contacting a potential candidate from your names list is usually done by telephone. It is best to practice a script. Be sure to have a script in front of you when you make your calls.
Making a "cold contact" (someone you don't know) is usually done face-to-face, often on the spur of the moment. Make a friend and build the "Know, Like, and Trust" factor.
SHOW THE PLAN - Keep it simple and be relatable. The purpose of the "plan" is to make a friend, find a need, transfer the feeling and to help you decide whether you feel they will be an asset to your team. The number of plans you and your team members show with qualified applicants is critical to your level of success.
THE FOLLOW-THROUGH - It is important to follow-up with a brand new person within 48 hours of the Showing The Plan. Answer their questions with questions. "What makes you say that?... Why do you feel this way" or using the Feel, Felt, Found method - "I know how you feel, I felt the same way, but this is what I found..." If uncertain, put them down as maybe, and come back and squeeze. (power of team approach)
COACHING - One of the most important elements in successful team building is to consistently spend time with your Team Leaders, so that they can coach you on what to do next and develop a strategy for you to reach your goals. They will help you to fine-tune your business building techniques and prepare to take on the leadership role with your team. Not only will you benefit from their wisdom and expertise, but you will also create a life-long relationship!
GETTING STARTED - Repeating (duplicating) the pattern is the key to success in this type of business - Learn, Do, and Teach the proven principles to the new members on your team, so that they can utilize the system and Learn, Do and Teach the principles to their team members.
The Life You've ALWAYS Wanted!
... and
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