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B&D Coffee


Jordan Nero

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of B&D Coffee

B Women prefer to purchase B&D Coffee as a gift 1. 3. D 2. The gift market B&D faces tough competition Today's coffee industry is highly competitive Natural Foods Grocery Smaller, regional grocery stores For Bricks and Mortar B&D Coffee need to pursue: Cody Abramson.Alex Blefari.Kia Blomberg.Rachel Lippert.Jordan Nero.Ellie Parsons Target Market B&D's target market is women B&D Coffee appeals to women of all ages as a product to be purchased as a gift. Bricks & Mortar Establish a track record through small, regional grocery Capitalize on the health and organic trend through pursuit of Natural Food Grocery Tend to the target market's preference to purchase B&D Coffee as a gift through the gift market Online Retail Tend to the target markets purchase preference through online gift websites Pursue flash sale websites Increase hits on Amazon product page Event Marketing B&D hold tastings at local farmers markets, Costco, and grocery stores Gift B&D Coffee in the bridal market Become a partner or sponsor for a Breast Cancer event B D B&D has been pursuing shelf space amongst top brands in the industry D For online retail: Pursue
gift websites 1. Pursue
flash sale websites 2. 3. Invest in
Amazon product ads Be active in event marketing and outreach Hold tastings 1. 2. Sponsor events 3. Pursue
the bridal market Survey results of young females ages 18-24 contain highest average scores Survey results of middle-aged females ages 24-44 contain the lowest self-purchasing average score Survey results of women ages 45 and older contain lowest gift giving average score B&D packing communicates:
girly, feminine, young, trendy, fashionable, professional Starting small and local is a great way to build sales numbers and accounts before pursuing larger ones Small grocers provide multiple points of entry Small grocers are more inclined to be loyal and to carry local/specialized products Distributing regionally through small grocers gives you more control of your product and the associated costs Women are increasingly buying "organic" Majority of organic shoppers are young women 4/7 focus group participants stated that they would be more inclined to buy B&D Coffee if the packaging labeled the product as organic Labeling the product as organic can sell at a more premium price and contribute to high quality brand image Research has proven that women of all ages are more likely to buy B&D Coffee as a gift rather than for themselves The gift giving market in the U.S is a growing industry 42% of adults purchased specialty food items as a gift for others in the last 12 months Online gift shopping is an increasing channel Redenvelope.com has a specialty food section to sell products Flash websites are sites with time limited offers and high discounts Flash sale websites can help strengthen brand image and move stock in a short period of time Invest in Amazon product ads. You can control the budget, branding and purchase experience for your customers. Rewrite B&D Coffee product features and benefits Provides David and Belinda the opportunity to tell their story and create relationships with customers Tastings will create word of mouth marketing and gain customer awareness of the B&D brand. Display B&D Coffee next to supporting products to encourage and boost sales All retail interviewees stated that B&D Coffee would be profitable in a gift basket Targeted towards women, B&D Coffee can be given as a bridal shower party favor or as a wedding gift Interviewees and focus group participants stated it was a seasonal/special occasion item Breast Cancer is associated with the color pink, just as B&D coffee is associated with the color pink Being a partner or sponsor would give B&D exposure to the target market ShopKomen.com would allow B&D to sell their product in association with the Susan G. Komen Foundation Gift Average: 5.3 Self Average: 3.5 Gift Average: 5.1 Self Average: 3.1 Gift Average: 5 Self Average: 3.5 Sponsor women's events Sponsorship is the world's fastest growing form of marketing Sponsoring events can: Enhance the image of the B&D brand Drive sales of B&D Coffee Create positive publicity Heighten visibility and create brand awareness of B&D Coffee among target market B&D's Next Steps Sponsor women's events Hold Tastings Establish a track record Capitalize on the organic and health trend Pursue the gift market Pursue gift websites Pursue flash sale websites Pursue the bridal market Gift for seasonal & special occasions Invest in Amazon product ads
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