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LOFT Character

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of LOFT Character

PIGGY physical description
Piggy was a Fat, Young boy who wore Glasses and had Asthma.

"Then looked though Thick Spectacles" pg. 7
"The Fat boy waited to be asked his name" pg 9
"i was the only boy in our school what had Asthma" pg 9

Action 1 pg 41
" Ralph moved the lenses back and forth, this way and that, till a glossy white image of the declining sun lay on a piece of rotten wood... the flame, nearly invisible at first in that the sunlight, enveloped a small twig. the boys broke into a cheer"
- they used piggy's spectacles to start a fire
LOTF Character N. Evan pd. 7 PIGGY
Action 2 pg 7
piggy found Ralph, he called for him.
Action 3
piggy found the conch shell
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