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Sumer farm

No description

Josefina Torres

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Sumer farm

Straws like tame lightnings lie about the grass
And hang zigzag on hedges. Green as glass
The water in the horse-trough shines.
Nine ducks go wobbling by in two straight lines.

A hen stares at nothing with one eye,
Then picks it up. Out of an empty sky
A swallow falls and, flickering through
The barn, dives up again into the dizzy blue.

I lie, not thinking, in the cool, soft grass,
Afraid of where a thought might take me -
This grasshopper with plated face
Unfolds his legs and finds himself in space.

Self under self, a pile of selves I stand
Threaded on time, and with metaphysic hand
Lift the farm like a lid and see
Farm within farm, and in the centre, me. Summer Farm
Norman MacCAIG Biography
MacCAIG was a Scottish poet that was born in 1990 and died in 1996. He was schoold at Royal high schooland studied classics at the university odf Edinburg. He worked as a primary teacher. a a b b c c d d a a b b c c d d Metaphysics:
it is a branch of philosophy, you study why the universe exist? not how it works because that can be easily answer in scientifically. simile simile alliteration remain unfinished The hen acts as a metaphor Simile Examines the world around him. This description also gives the reader an idea of the atmosphere.He considers the vast scale of the world but also its detail and precision. Random precision, leads the reader into metaphysics as he questions why? vivifies the idea that the water is still and calm without having to say so. Maccaig continues describing which leads him into deep thought. Is used as a metaphor of his thought gives a meaning of liberty. Changes the focus of the poem. Now the attention is on those things outside of him
He uses animal to represent human thought wich is ironic due to tha fact that animal are incapable of deppr thought. He is trying to say that humans are but animals in the face of the mysteries of the universe. He is talking about him self Is to represent where the thought might take him. Shows that he has different perceptions of himself in the past and the future, the “pile of selves... threaded on time”. is his mind reaching out and looking beyond the farm He is seeing the past and future of the farm as well as his own as they are conected inthe present. Show that there are no more farm nor in the future or present and that he is in the center By : Constanza Velazquez and Josefina Torres
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