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Internal Communication Strategy

No description

Victoria Bagley

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Internal Communication Strategy

Continue to gauge effectiveness of existing communication channels and continuously improve
Town Halls
Business Plan rollout
Expand customer knowledge beyond sales
Develop and rollout informal communication channels, "Change Networks" as a critical part of our communication strategy
Improve consistency of manager cascade within functions and kklocations (Cargill and HM messaging, as well as Facility/Function kkkkManagers) Communication Journey Where we were... Step Three: Continuously Improve No clear process of how to communicate - who, what, why and by what medium
Relied too heavily on e-mail; 60% aren't connected
Two intranet sites; continuously failed audits
Cascading of information was sporadic and inconsistent Employee Communications
Monthly e-newsletter
Employee Magazine
Quarterly Town Hall
Annual Business Plan
Mid-Year Review
Leadership communications
HMLT/FM calls, as needed Step One: Build the infrastructure Step Two: Better connect internal and external e-Newsletter
Website Best Employers Outperform the Rest in…




Employee retention and engagement Source: Hewitt’s Global Best Employers Survey Benchmarking Against Hewitt’s “Best” Employers % Agree Communication w/in Cargill is effective – Engagement Survey % Agree % Agree ©2011 Cargill Incorporated Salt FIS Communication is clear, consistent and timely
Reinforce our vision, values and strategic intent
Talk with employees often and get their feedback
Target messages to the right people, at the right time
Effectively cascade information throughout the BU
Continuously evaluate and improve communication efforts Communication Objectives
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