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Eight Math Practices

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on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Eight Math Practices

First Grade Teachers will:
Develop an understanding of the Eight High-Leverage Practices in Mathematics.
Explore the High-Leverage Math Practices in teams and discuss how to incorporate them in the classroom.
Have access to Google Docs to share math activities and ideas with each other that support the High-Leverage Math Practices. High-Leverage Practices in Mathematics
Presented by:
Nicole Christopherson, JoAnna Flores
and Liliana Jiménez Teacher reviews & posts Clear Objectives (including vocabulary) Teacher models thinking aloud
and solving problems Definition: I do/We do/You do strategy
Teacher models procedures, thinking-aloud, working through the problem
Teacher has the class do guided practice together
Teacher has the class show their learning independently Teacher Presses for Justification Definition:
Press students to explain WHY, not only HOW Definition:
Provide opportunities for all students to engage in content-rich conversation, using mathematical vocabulary. Teacher promotes Journal
Writes and/or use of
Math Journals Websites Teacher demonstrates use of
Exit Tasks to inform instruction Definition: Create an entrance or exit task
given to students to complete that examines 1-3 problems collected by the teacher to inform their instruction for the next day.

  Concrete to Representational
to Abstract Definition: Start all concepts with concrete hands-on learning with manipulative objects.
  Today's Outcomes Use for Math Journals include:
Embedded vocabulary
Record of ideas generated during Private Think Time
Regular exit tasks to learn about each student's progress on the goal of the day
Student goal-setting First Grade
  Definition: Identify and post goals that clearly define what students will understand better at the end of the lesson than they do at the start. Key vocabulary is posted and referred to throughout the lesson. Definition: Provide students with valuable resources as they are developing new skill, vocabulary, and processes.

-Records of student thinking
-Exemplars of student work
-Student-made posters
-Showing work on ELMO
-Showcasing student work in a video
-Records for support (including Word Wall) Teacher demonstrates Use of
Public Records
math.pdf Teacher Promotes Rich and Engaging Discourse about Mathematics Students share with a partner or talk within a group A/B Dyads
Protocols for small groups Encourage listening for understanding
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