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Human versus Frog antomy

What makes humans and frogs similar and also different?

Matthew Barron

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Human versus Frog antomy

The liver Frog V.S. Human Anatomy A human and frog livers have similar functions, both organism's livers are a part of their digestive and excretory system so they use their livers to help filter their blood, a noticeable difference would be that a human liver has four lobes while a frog liver has three lobes. The human liver a frogs liver Teeth and Tongues Frog and humans both can eat other animals and both have teeth and a tongue but they work differently a human's teeth is used for chewing while a frogs is used to hold it's prey before swallowing it, and a major difference between a frog and humans tongue is that a frogs tounge is attached to the front and a humans tongue is attached to the back, A frog's tongue is most likely attached to the front so it can flip it over to stretch further than if it were attached to the back Tongue teeth Limbs Frogs and humans both are tetrapods so they have four limbs, humans have two legs and two arms, frogs have a pair of fore limbs and another pair of hind limbs. Frogs Both organisms has a gallbladder near the kidney which stores bile after it was produced by the kidney Human gallbladder , source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallbladder Feet Frogs usually have five toes on their hind feet like humans, but frogs have really big feet compared to their hands and their feet are also webbed, this is to help them swim. human arm Ears? Frogs have tympanum which is a an ear like structure found behind the frog's eye, it's not used to hear but it can transmits sound waves to the frog's inner ear. This structure provides protection for the frog when it's underwater . Humans outer ear structure, the pinna unlike a frogs ear a humans ear provides less protection from water. Stomach Frogs and humans stomachs are both located somewhere on the right center of the body The intestines human
ears human stomach The intestines for both organisms are located below the stomach
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