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MCJH Chuck Close

No description

Erin Forbes

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of MCJH Chuck Close

Chuck Close Photorealism Born 1940. Still alive and working Chuck Close is a photorealism artist.
He works with all types of media, but
always makes portraits.

He creates his protraits using a grid. Chuck tackled numerous disabilities -- any of which could have destroyed a less determined, resilient, ambitious, and talented individual. To name a few:

•This pre-eminent portraitist has "face blindness" or prosopagnosia -- a disability which causes difficulty recognizing faces.
•Close struggled with dyslexia, long before the disability was widely known or diagnosed.
•He's always had neuromuscular disorders, tentatively diagnosed as myasthenia gravis (MG), which causes chest and stomach pains, often severe.
•One such near-fatal attack, which Close terms "The Event", and some call a "spinal stroke" in 1988, left him almost entirely paralyzed from the shoulders down.
Finch described the event: "Suddenly Close goes into convulsions. Long and frenzied, it seems they will never end, but then just as suddenly his body is still, unnaturally so, just lying there, dead weight, flesh without animation."

Close's biggest fear was that he would never be able to paint again. He told one friend, "I'll spit paint onto the canvas if I have to." Discuss with your elbow partners:
In school, have you ever felt like giving up? What do you notice here?

Describe what you see. Describe what you see. Compare: How is this different? How do you think this was created?
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