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Gubser Kindergarten Orientation

Learn the basics of kindergarten

Michele Nowlin

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Gubser Kindergarten Orientation

Gubser Elementary Kindergarten Orientation Arrival Transportation Snacks First Day Birthdays Make a difference
GET INVOLVED! Staggered start Goodbyes Your child's health Agenda How to support your child at home School supplies- all Welcome Focus Days Dismissal Field Trips School doors open at 9:00 am
School starts at 9:15 am
PM kinder doors open at 12:45 pm
PM kinder starts at 1:00 PM
Students arrive via the front doors School dismisses at 11:45 AM
PM kinder dismisses at 3:30 PM
Students are excused via the outer
door of the classroom Welcome
Daily Routines
School supplies
Questions backpack
15 glue sticks
2 bottom-pocket folders
2 pkgs dry erase
1 box 24 crayons
1 box tissues short positive calm firm reassuring Loving Read aloud books nightly Label things at home Point out environmental print Reading logs from school Talk with your child often Concepts of print If your child is hurt or sick they will be taken to the office. Please make sure all your child's health info is up to date, as well as your contact info. The office will contact you concerning your child. crackers
fruit snacks
pretzels 8-10 students come for 2 1/2 hour day during the assessment week
Sign up for start day classroom volunteers
room parent
field trip volunteers
prep-work volunteers
background check required Container disinfecting wipes
1 box 8 crayons
1 pkg 12 #2 pencils- no designs
1 wide-rule spiral notebook
1 pkg Crayola markers
1 pair scissors
Optional School Supplies
1 pkg gallon ziploc bags
1 pkg sandwich ziploc bags
1 pkg paper lunch sacks or paper plates A-5 Kindergarten
Mrs. Michele Nowlin
Mrs. Becki Peloquin A-6 Kindergarten
Ms. Hailey Garcia
Mrs. Megan Steele Principal
Mr. Jesse Leonard Guidance Counselor
Miss Michelle Mills School Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Jaime Hammel Transportation TO school for AM class only. Bus service HOME for both AM and PM. Check in the office to see if you are within the distance allowed for local school bus service Celebrated on the last day of the month
Room parent will give you a call in the month
of your child's birthday
Please do not send balloons or goody bags 1-2 per year
may need to provide funds
parent chaperones must have
an approved background check Basic Day Arrival
Learning Centers
Snack/Recess/Choice Time
Dismissal Talk about the morning routine
the day/night before
Keep the morning calm
Arrive a bit early to allow time
for pictures
Help your child get situated in the classroom
Give a quick good-bye and head out teacher in-service
1 per month
alternate between classes
schedule in packet Specials computer lab
music Questions
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