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Drama Seminar - Front of House

No description


on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Drama Seminar - Front of House

Marketing Advertising with papyrus Progression of
Front of House Discussion Questions 200 BC Present 600 BC Ensure the safety of all audience members
Monitoring work performance and keeping order
Managing box office sales
Providing reports to train receptionists and box office staffs
• selling foods and refreshments
• pricing box office tickets
• placing online orders and mailing
• handing out programs
• pricing in the shop
• managing bar products
• sent alterations The Duties and Responsibilities of a Front of House Manager FRONT OF HOUSE Greek Theatre Elizabethan Theatre Coloured flags Ticket Sales Cost two obols Greek Theatre Elizabethan Theatre Cost a penny to stand Usher Greek Theatre & Elizabethan Theatre Insignificant role Staff-bearers 12 11 10 9 8 7 5 4 3 2 1 Time Line TIMELINE! 6 Would you say the concept of ticket sales in Greek Theater (where your social class determined your seat) has really evolved much compared to today? What toll does that take in defining society?

With technology being more advanced than ever, and only continuing to flourish, what toll, if any, do you think will take on live theater? (Improve quality, or cause less interest?)

Did this presentation enlighten you on what a Front of House manager really is? Importance of Front of House - theatre management
- overall experience at the theatre
- customer care service The Beginning of Greek Theatre 1648 1576 Fall of Greek Theatre Rise of Elizabethan Theatre Fall of Elizabethan Theatre The Fox Theater box office, Pantages Theater THE END! Work Cited

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Technology Modern Theatre Advertising with posters, newspapers and flyers Duties Responsibilities
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