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Project Think

No description

kalli lodovico

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Project Think

By: Stephanie Leib, Kalli Lodovico, Amber Bettuccio, and Kevin Bauer Project Think Reflection Life At 90. Maze The Secret Project Goal:
- A series of confusing paths, most of

objective: to escape as quickly as possible. This book inspired readers to find
true meaning in their life.
"And all i have to do to really understand

we felt that: The ETC field trip was very interesting.
It would be a fun environment to work in.
Technology is really advancing and becoming more
important in the world. FR Project think was a completly different experience than we ever had to deal with before.
Working with people from a different class was certainly a difficult task, but we made it work
It was a good learning experience. To analyze the future outcomes of technology, education, business and global issues. Technology-
Global Issues- VS. Labyrinth -a spiral walking course in which the goal is to find the center of the path, stop, turn around, and walk back out. MAZES
Puzzles to be solved.
Easy to get lost.

Form of meditation.
Lose Yourself.

In relation to a whole new mind: Mazes = Left Brained
Labyrinths = Right Brained by: Rhonda Byrne In relation to Dan Pink's book: Chapter 9 : Meaning Man's search for meaning People have enough to live,
but nothing to live for;
they have the means but no meaning. Frankls Book:
Happiness: which lead to dead ends. "Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue" Happiness and spirituality are directly related,
the happiest people are the most spiritual
"Happiness derives from a mix of factors." Each of our subtopics directly relates to Pink's ideas of what meaning is in relation to the right brain, left brain way of thinking. what I'm doing here, why I'm here, is to find that blackboard and find out what God really has in mind." It relates to Dan Pink's book by explaining how to take sprituality, happiness, religion, and people seriously.
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