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Bend It Like Beckham

No description

Simar Dhindsa

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham ________________________________________ "A girl who loved soccer" Made By: Simar Dhindsa
Tuesday, May 17th 2011
Mr. Harder's Class 7D Summary: ________ Bend It Like Beckham is about a girl named Jesmimder (Jess) who lives in London. She is about eighteen years old. Jess loves to play soccer in the park with her friend Tony. She soon gets accepted to a proffesional team. Jess sneeks around to play footbal (soccer). She soon gets caught when her parents are waiting for her at her bus from Germany. She gets soccer off her mind to focus on the wedding. Moping around just didin't do it. So here and there She had played with food and a ball pretending it would be the soccer ball. During the wedding her dad let her go to the tournament to play. Jess soon left london with Jewels to go to university. With Joe waiting for her back at home. Question 1: Complete a summary of the movie.
Remember that a summary is a short
retell. Rememeber also to include or
think about the 5w h and big deal. Question 2: Identify the steps of the Hero's Journey in this movie.
Be sure to eleaborate on each step Hero's Journey : _________________ The Call to Adventure is when Jules sees Jess's skills and tells Joe.
Jess gets accepted to the proffesional team to playfootball. She chose to accept the journey.

Jess is separated by when she doesn't listen to her parents. She's separated from her religon, her sister, her comfort zone by changing in front of everyone, her parents racisim, and friendship

When Jess is sneeking around and going and playing soccer. Going to Germany, flirting with Joe, her friendship with Jewels, religion, sex appeal, parents trust, relationships.

The Supreme Ordeal is when Jess kissed Joe and her friendship is in jeopardy with Jules. Her parents caught her when she went to Germany. She gave up her passion of soccer for a while.

Jess is a knew person while playing soccer. Serious player, taking her posters down of David Beckham, almost giving up soccer, at the end her parents trust her, she can play soccer with-out lying, accepted for who she is and who she likes.

Jess returned to her dream, playing soccer. Her parents aren't criticising her as much. Accepts her carrier.

Jess gets a scholorship. Her friendship is good again with Jewels. Goes to the university. Father get's to play cricket. Get's the guy!!!!

She plays soccer at the university and now she is finding new journey's and new adventures to share with Joe and her family at home. Call to Adventure -

Separation -

Tests & Trials -

Supreme Ordeal -

Transformation -

Return -

Reward -

Repeat - Qusetion 3: Identify 3 or more viewpoints presented. Examine
how the viewpoints clash and how that matters to
the story and to us as we try to learn any lessons
from the story. 4 Viewpoints : _________________ Parents: Jess's parent's think that Jess shouldn't be playing soccer. They think she should be like all the other girls wearing pink things, high heels and cooking. Her parents think that soccer is a guy's sport. They think that she shouldn't be wearing shorts for she's showing her skin to much. Her parents think its like having sex. Her father doesn't want her to get hurt because when he was on his cricket team people used to make fun of his turban. So he doesn't want people judging her on her religion and not her skills. Her Mom thinks that if she plays soccer she won't get a guy and will shame the family. Jess Cast _______________________________ Shaheen Khan as Mrs. Bhamra,
Archie Panjabi as "Pinky" Bhamra Parminder Nagra as Jesminder Kaur"Jess Bhamra Keira Knightley as Juliette"Jules" Patron Jonathon Rys Myers as Joe Anupan Kher as Mohan Singh Bhamra Jess loves to play soccer. It wasn't her fault she was good at soccer. Quote" It's not my fault I'm good at it, Guru Nanak must have blessed me with this gift" as Jess said. She wants to play in a proffesional league. Jess thinks that her parents are holding her back. She thinks that they have gone "bloody mad". Jess thinks its not fair that her sister gets all this freedom and she doesn't. She want's her dad not to think of the past and what happpened to him, but the future. Jules's Mom : Jules's mom thinks that all girls should have big breasts and show off their curves. Her mom think that Jules is a lesbian with Jess. With-out hearing anything but " you don't know what love is, you betrayed me Jess." Jules's mom thinks that playing socer will affect the way you get a guy. She doesn't support Jules in playing soccer. All indian children respect their parents but whites don't respect their parents. Jules knows that Jess is a great soccer player. Her friendship with Jess is tight. She felt betrayed by Jess when Jess had kissed Joe. She never told Jess. Jules thinks that her mother is insane, for Jules likes to play soccer. Her mom thinks that all women should wear bras with lace. Jules thinks the opposite. She like to wear sport bras. Jules : Question 4 : Find at least 10 metaphors and images. 10 Metaphors __________________________ ________________________________ ______________________ ________________________ ___________________________ _______________________ ___________________________ _________________ ____________________ _________________________ __________________________ _______________________________ 1. The airplanes stand for Jess's dream taking
off and her fulfilling her carrier. Her dream
of becoming a proffesional player coming true. 2. "Juicy Mango's" - " Doors" - "Security Guard" - " Butch MAn" - Summary ____________ Who : Jesminder Kaur "Jess" Bhamra

What: Want's to play proffesional soccer.

Where: London, England

When: Jess was 18 years old.

Why: Want's to follow in her heros
( David Beckham ) steps.

How: Sneeks around to play in a league. "Bend It Like Beckham" - Jess sometimes bends the truth, she ia also trying to get her parents to bend their ways (similar to what Jules is going through with her mom). Jess's dad is a security guard at the airport. He is not letting her dreams take flight. With-out his trust her goals are not goals but wishes. The doors stand for " doors of opportunity". They doors lead Jess into soccer . Since it's her parents house the doors are not being opened and trusted. Aiplanes - 3. 4. 5. 6. Tony is homosexual. 7. 8. 9. 10. Question 5 : Select 3 themes to explore. 1 Socccer Soccer is a theme because:
- Jess plays soccer
- Jess's dream is to play proffesionally
- David Beckham is at the airport
- Meets her first love at soccer
- She is blessed with being good at
soccer she didn't ask to be good at it

These themes are explained when Jess is giving up soccer, beginning in a league, meets new people, finds her true self, she is disobedient. These viewpoint clash because Jess's parents and her think the opposite. Same with Jules and her mom. So with all these viewpoints they get in fights and misjudge each other. Juicy Mango's stands for big breasts.
The lady measuring Jess said,
" Don't you want Juicy Juicy Mangos". 2. Judgement Judgement is a theme because: - Jess is judged by Tony's friends when she play soccer in the park. (Being a girl)
- Jess can only like Indian guys
- Jules's mom judges her on "being a lesbian"
- Tony thinks he's going to be judged on being gay
- Jess is judged on playing soccer
- Judged on being to dark
- Judged on not cooking
- Judged on her skills in soccer
- Judged on her choice of things
- Jess is judged by Jules's mom for being Indian
- Jess's dad judged for wearing a turban These themes are involved in the movie because theirs a
lot of judgement. It all begins with soccer. The main
judgement is that Jess's parents don't like her playing
soccer. 3. Passion Passion is a theme because: - Jess's passion is soccer she basically can't live with-out it
- Jess's dad has passion for cricket
- Jules's moms passon for Jules being a "real girl" with big breasts
- Jules's and Jess's passion for Joe
- Pinky's pason for her fiance
- Jess's mom's passion for traditioal things and no change
- Jess's passion for things should change My viewpoint for Bend it Like Beckham
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