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External Cooling Systems - The Way Forward?

What are external cooling systems and how does it helps our laptop?

Darron Ng

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of External Cooling Systems - The Way Forward?

External Cooling Systems
Experiment Results
Have you ever wondered if an external cooling system, e.g. USB cooling fan actually helps cool the laptop?
Experiment Conducted and Equipment Used
Analysis 1
Placing the laptop flat on the table top affects the dissipation of heat from internal ventilation fan.

While the USB fan was capable of cooling the external section, the core was unaffected.
Laptop cooling still primarily dependent on internal cooling system.
History of Laptop
Cooling System
Today's Menu

Methods and Materials for Experiment conducted

Experiments results sharing

1st step
2nd step
Last step
Experiment Procedure
Measure the ambient temperature

Cool the laptop naturally to ambient temperature
Set up the needed equipment
E.g. USB fan, Inclined Surface
Run the laptop in idle for 10 minutes and record the internal core temperature.

Capture the thermal image of the laptop.
Run a gaming software for 2hrs, recording the temperature at every 15min intervals.

Capture the thermal image of the laptop.
Compiling the recorded results for further analysis.
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
Core Temperature
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
External Thermal Image
The inclined surface allows better dissipation of heat from ventilation fan.

An external household fan helps cool the external section like an USB fan, albeit being of higher power consumption.
Analysis 2
Previous Studies
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Laptop performance, lifespan
Temperature of laptop
Ranking the effectiveness of investigated external cooling methods
Worst to Best
Inclined Surface
USB Fan and
Inclined Surface with Household Fan
A brief comparison
Low power consumption

Small and portable
Higher power consumption

Large and bulky
Small sample size.

Only a single brand of laptop was used.

Only fans of a single brand was used.

Other external cooling methods not
Limitations of Study
Increase number of laptops being tested.

Wider brand and model coverage of laptops and fans.

Newer and alternative external cooling methods.
Toasted Skin Syndrome
Negative health impact?
Fujitsu Laptop
Household Fan
Type Of Experiment
1. Control Test
Type Of Experiment
4. Laptop on inclined surface with external fan test
2. External miniaturised USB
(Universal Serial Bus) Fan test
Type Of Experiment
3. Laptop on inclined surface test
Type Of Experiment
Equipment Used
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