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Year 12 Government & Polititcs

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Year 12 Government & Polititcs

The bad news...
The state of your political knowledge...

The complexity of UK politics

Can you name these people AND what they do?
The UK - A State of Nations
The UK is a liberal representative democracy with a constitutional monarch.

Became the
Kingdom when England and Scotland joined together in the Act of the Union, as the King of Scotland had become the King of England after the death of Elizabeth I - last Tudor Monarch and the beginning of the reign of the House of Stewart.
The UK
The UK has been broken down in a number of ways for administrative, political and social reasons.
Year 12 Government & Politics
A bit of context about the UK political system!
Some 'confusing' political jargon - key terms you need to know!
Nation - a group of communities bound by a common language, similar beliefs and values, traditions and a historical sense of belonging - Wales and Scotland are nations...

state - component part of a federated (federal or federation) State - state of Texas, Bavaria (German Lander [state]).

Nation-state - A combination of 2 ideas - nation and The State. This is the primary political unit. All (recognised) countries are nation-states.

The State - the most powerful political actor. This is inter-changeable with nation-state but in terms of theory we talk about The State. The State retains the ability to be internally governable, free from outside interference, and retains the right to recognise and decide upon the rights of its citizens and holds the power of life and death over them. In politics, The State is all-powerful - despite challenges to this....
The UK is a liberal representative democracy with a constitutional monarch.
Becoming Critical....
House of Commons - elected
House of Lords - unelected and appointed by PM
Monarchy - hereditary
Civil Service - unelected AND disproportionately made up of public school educated
Local councils - no one votes...
Fundamental Principles of the UK Political System


Democracy - citizens (people who meet certain pre-conditions set out by The State) have all political power. This is exercised in a number of ways, the most recognisable is voting.
In the UK - Parliament has all political power...(doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy)...so is the UK really a democracy?
What is a State of Nations?
The UK is a State (political unit) made up of 4 (some argue more) distinct nations - England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. Although power has been devolved to these nations, political power (all of it) resides in, and is centralised in, the Palace Of Westminster.
This differs from a federated system where the federal and state governments share political power - what they have power over is outlined in that countries Constitution.
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