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No description

Aivaras G

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Workshop

Organizational Behaviour
Creating a Culture of Empowermentand Accountability at
St. Martin dePorres High School

Evaluation of Alternatives
Theoretical Survey
Theory X and Theory Y
Situational Analysis
Problem Identification
Theoretical Survey
Suggested Alternatives
Main Solution
Two factors theory
According to the organizational behavior theories the main problem aroused, which is ineffective management of education system in school.
The main aim of the case study analysis is to find a right solution for the leadership problem in a St. Martin de Porres High School. The final proposition should provide several
Case analysis and its relevance to OB
Suggested solution
Situational Analysis
Discussion time!
Problem identification
What did we learn?
Julija Jermilova Greta Paulauskaitė Greta Puzonaitė Katažyna Tareilis
Gražina Valiukaitė Rokas Žemaitis

20 05 30,

Empowerment theory
School's Description
School Community
Case situation
1. Amnesty International (2013). The Right to Education. Retrieved May 27, 2013, on the World Wide Web: http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/issues/children-s-rights/the-right-to-education
2. Greenberg, J., Baron, R. A., (2008). Motivation in Organizations. Behavior in Organizations (pp. 188-212). New Jersey: Pearson Education
3. Saint Martin de Porres High School (2012). Work Study Serve Lead Pray. Cleveland: Author
What SMdP administrators must do is to :

1. Clearly state school's policies, aims, values and missions for every level separately
2. Improve credit system
3. Implement bonus system for teachers for their students achievements

4. Introduce more activities to students
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