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JFS Volunteer Orientation updated 2016

No description

Sarah Roth

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of JFS Volunteer Orientation updated 2016

Thank You!

Organizational Chart
Guided by the Jewish traditions of social responsibility and compassion, we are dedicated to supporting people of all ages and backgrounds, treating people with respect and compassion, helping people maintain and sustain healthy lives and independence, providing culturally relevant services and working with community partners to broaden our impacts.

Driving Policy
Founded in 1979 by volunteers, focusing mainly on elder information and referrals, JFS has since expanded to serve over 4,000 people every year.

JFS Volunteer Orientation
About JFS
Glossary of Programs
Organizational Chart
Policies & Procedures
Jewish Family Service of Metrowest (JFS) provides vital social, health and community services to alleviate suffering, enhance lives and support people in need.
Policies & Procedures
CORI (Background Checks)
Reference Checks
Agency Policies
Maintaining Client Confidentiality
Personal Safety
Fire & Emergency Procedures
Tracking Hours
CORI & Reference Checks
Maintaining Client Confidentiality
Fire & Emergency Procedures
Please click the link below to submit your name to demonstrate that you’ve completed this training.

Program Spotlight
Reducing Achievement Gaps
Program Spotlight
Family Assistance
JFS programs serve thousands of people throughout Metrowest.  Most programs are in schools, senior housing sites, playgrounds, faith organizations, physicians’ offices and public settings.

Hunger, Basic Needs, Family Assistance & Employment
Education, mentoring, and college/career pathways
Civic Engagement/Volunteerism
Frail vulnerable elders
Geriatric Care Management
Patient Navigator
Healthy Aging

Family Assistance Network
Lucy & Joe's Food Pantry
Healthy Harvest
New American Services
Second Chance for Success
Adoption Choices
Ready for Success

Reducing Achievement Gaps

Jewish Family Network
Kesher 13
Components of many other programs

Reducing Achievement Gaps (RAG) is a comprehensive system of interventions to help Woodrow Wilson Elementary School families access physical nourishment and promote intellectual and emotional stimulation through tutoring and mentoring.

Programs within RAG include:

Math Academy
All Stars
Chapter Girls
Healthy Harvest
Weekend Nutrition
Family Assistance
Parent University

1991: The first Seas the Dream gala is held

1993: JFS/MW is accredited by the national Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children (COA)

1996: Marc Jacobs is hired as Executive Director

1999: JFS/MW moves and purchases offices at 475 Franklin St.
2006: JFS/MW is reaccredited by COA

2009: JFS/MW established the Jewish Family Assistance Network and Jewish Family Network
Around 220 volunteers donate over 5,000 hours of their time to JFS each year
Over 400 adults and seniors were able to stay in their homes because of home care, geriatric care, chronic disease self management and other programs
Through the family assistance program, JFS responded to over 2,000 individuals
Over 900 families have been united through the Adoption Choices program
Jewish Family Service of Greater Framingham, Inc is incorporated as 501(c)(3) nonprofit and begins resettling New American refugees from the Former Soviet Union and providing information and referrals for elders.
1984: JFS begins offering Adoption Services

1986: JFS receives its first United Way funding and begins offering Homemaker and Personal Care services
All volunteers will have a CORI check done every 3 years. This will be completed when you start and then once every 3 years after that.

Reference checks will be completed before you start volunteering
Volunteers may drive their own vehicles on behalf of the organization or to/from JFS volunteer opportunities. All present a significant auto exposure to JFS. Failure to manage this exposure can leave JFS open to serious potential losses and financial consequences.

JFS will complete a motor vehicle record check prior to the start of volunteering
Driving record must meet the standards listed in the motor vehicle policy
Submit a copy of your proof of automobile insurance
Both staff and volunteers may be exposed to details of an individual or family's life or health, which ordinarily would not be public. Discussion of these private matters must be limited to authorized agency staff and those who are involved with the client/family or supervisors.
JFS Office
Desk area must be clear of any paperwork that could identify a client by name

Computer screens must be protected from unwanted screening, sign off when walking away

Client information must never be disposed of in an open area trash bin - please use a shredder
Outside JFS
Be very careful of where and when conversations take place about clients - casual conversations in public must never include identifying information
Limits of Confidentiality
Staff and volunteers are required to share confidential information if there is reason to suspect that a client may intend to cause harm to his/herself or others or if there is reason to suspect that abuse/neglect of a minor child or person over 60 years of age has occurred
Use only front entrance when entering and leaving the office
If answering the door, ask for persons' name and their business with the agency
Remain alert to any suspicious persons or activity and report to a supervisor
All incidents, accidents or safety hazards must be reported to a supervisor or COO
Examples include
Injury requiring medical attention
Alleged thefts
Significant delays or interruption in a program's service delivery
Threats to the agency, employees or clients
Client demonstrates suicidal or violent behaviors or intent
Any child or elder at-risk reports
JFS Office
Out of the Office
Personal Safety
Fire extinguishers are located in the large Conference Room C and outside the kitchen area
Exits are located along the perimeter of the agency hallway
Staff and volunteers are to use the inside corridor of the agency to exit via the Food Pantry office
All staff and volunteers are to meet outside the back door near the handicap spots where a roll call will take place
Any use of the microwave is to be monitored, popcorn is generally discouraged.
Thank you for taking part in the JFS Volunteer Orientation. Visit our website www.jfsmw.org/JFS_volunteers to have links to the volunteer policy manual, motor vehicle policy, and other volunteer forms.
Fire Procedures
Emergency Procedures
In case of a life threatening emergency, dial 911 immediately and then contact your supervisor or the Volunteer Coordinator

Weather Related Emergency

Please call your supervisor or the Volunteer Coordinator if you are not sure if the program or office is still open
If you do not feel comfortable driving to the event/office please inform your supervisor
Tracking Hours
JFS tracks volunteer hours to help measure your impact in the community

Volunteer Information Center
Web portal for volunteers to check schedules and enter time
Can be found on www.jfsmw.org/JFS_Volunteers on the left side panel - click on Volunteer Login
Your supervisor will give a tutorial on how to use the system
Policies & Procedures
JFS has a volunteer policy manual that should be reviewed prior to volunteering. It can be found on our website www.jfsmw.org/JFS_Volunteers on the left panel under the Volunteer Information Section.

Policies include non-discrimination policy, disability policy, and more.
Absences & Punctuality
Please arrive on time for your scheduled "shift."

If you are sick, please stay home.

Please inform your supervisor as soon as possible so they can prepare for your absence
Once every 3 months we will ask you to fill out a survey about your volunteer experience (some programs may have a higher frequency).

Click the Play Button to start the presentation
Must obtain a release of information from a client before sharing any information with a third party - including pictures

This includes any acknowledging that a client is even receiving services
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