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Strength and Conditioning Practices of National Basketball A

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Cody Dukquits

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Strength and Conditioning Practices of National Basketball A

Strength and Conditioning Practices of National Basketball Association Strength and Conditioning Coaches
Christopher J. Simenz, Carrie A. Dugan, and William P. Ebben
Cody Dukquits

Based on qualitative research methods, they administered the survey of strength and conditioning in an attempt to answer the question if NBA strength and conditioning coaches use contemporary, scientific principles in the practice of their strength and conditioning program
Statistical Analysis
The survey contained fixed and open ended questions. Researchers analyzed the open ended questions by the standards that were used in previous survey studies of professional strength and conditioning practices
There is no doubt that there is a wide variety of strength and conditioning practices that players have experienced and now experience within the NBA
Introduction and Background
The growth of the NBA and professional basketball has become global with players coming from every continent in the world
The NBA is drafting younger players (average age 19-20) so strength and conditioning practices now play larger roles in player development
The role of the strength and conditoning coach in the NBA includes; program design, exercise technique, organization and administration, and testing and evaluation
Investigators have examined the roles of strength and conditioning coaches in other professions, there has not been an investigation of the practices and methods of strength and conditioning coaches in the NBA
The purpose of this survey was to examine a variety of strength and conditioning practices and the collective knowledge of NBA strength and conditioning coaches and to describe the common and unique strength and conditioning practices employed by these coaches
Their survey: "Strength and Conditioning Practices of Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches" was adapted from an earlier survey created by Ebben and Blackard
The survey contained 8 sections:
1) Background information
2) Physical testing
3) Flexibility development
4) Speed development
5) Plyometrics
6) Power/Strength development
7) Unique aspects of coach's program
8) Comments
The survey was also based on the National Strength and Conditioning Assosiacion's 1988 Role Deliniation Study
An initial letter describing the study was sent to all NBA head strength and conditioning coaches. One month later the survey was sent out to all S&C coaches.
During the data analysis each of the researchers generated raw data and higher order themes via independent and inductive content analysis and compared independently generated themes until a consensus was reached at each level of analysis
Deductive analysis was used to confirm that all raw data themes were represented
Results: Physical Testing
20/29 NBA S&C coaches responded to the survey. Average experience among the coaches was 9.55 years
The physical testing portion of the survey assessed when coaches tested their athletes, what parameters of fitness were used, and what tests they used specifically
Coaches reported testing an average of 7.3 parameters, using 7.8 specific tests
Results: Flexibility Development
Results: Flexibility Development
Results: Flexibility Development
Results: Speed Development
Results: Plyometric Development
Results: Plyometric Development
Results: Strength & Power Development
Nineteen out of twenty S&C coaches said they used Olympic lifts or some sort of variant in their strength/power development programs
Most important exercise to a strength/power routine was the squat and all of its variants
Coaches were extremely varied on what exercises they thought were the most important to their program. Most commonly reported was some sort of leg exercise or Olympic lifts and variants of those lifts
Seventeen out of nineteen coches followed a periodized model of training while two coaches did not. One coach refused to answer
Results: Strength & Power Development
All NBA S&C coaches reported testing their athletes, important for setting team and individual goal setting
The majority of NBA S&C coaches train their athletes specifically for speed and agility development compared to those coaches in the NHL and NFL
The majority of NBA S&C coaches only tested the athletes aerobic system and not anaerobic system
Regarding program design, most off season strength training sessions are 4 days a week, while in season sessions are 2 days a week.
However many S&C coaches reported that they have little contact with their athletes during the off season because of many players now going outside of the team and hiring personal trainers
Reported that 95% of S&C coaches used Olympic lifts in their program design
Were extremely perssistant in getting answers from NBA S&C coaches
Reporting of data in all of the graphs and tables was very easy to understand
Open ended questions gave too much diversity in the answering to get solid conclusions
No real practical applications from this study, although they stated that there were
Strength and conditioning coaches did't really reveal anything that would give someone a real concrete idea of what they do
Did find similarities between the S&C coaches of the NBA in their particular practices
Reccomendations for Improvement
Instead of using a survey, observe directly the practices of NBA S&C coaches during a particular time period (i.e. in-season, off-season, pre-season)
Compared practices of NBA S&C coaches with those of NFL and NHL S&C coaches
Explore further the challenges NBA S&C coaches face during in-season training with players being on the road half the year
Ask why so many thought that sport-specific training was so important in the NBA
Find out more about their reasoning for their methods in programming
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