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Technology-Present World to Future World

ISU Project

Nichole Z

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Technology-Present World to Future World

The Future World
Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology
The future world all depends on our choices now. Whether it's technology or just the future in general, we have to try and make sensible decisions that will lead to a brighter future; not a darker one.
Present Technologies
Problems Concerning Technology and the World
Current Problems
Will Technology Help the Environment?
-there are many eco-friendly concepts and technologies
Technologies-Present World to Future World
Nowadays, we live in a world surrounded by technology.
The Present World
Technology has changed from a science fiction dream to a reality. Society is one step closer to achieving our dreams of technology.
At school, there are:
and printers.
At Work, there are:
and advanced programs.
while at least 50% of society has a gaming console.
At home, almost everyone has
a computer
a tablet/handheld device
Will technolgy help the environment or will it
the environment to the point of no return? We will find out in the near future; the world is evolving every day.
Present and Still-developing Technology
We use up a lot of gas. It is not only time consuming when you are stuck in traffic with a car, but it is also harmful to the environment. Large manufacturers also have a hand in the pollution.
harmful to the environment.
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
science fiction dream
a reality.
Future Technology
Example #1
Personal use
Google Glass
-displays information like a smartphone
-high rate of 720p in video recording
-currently costs around $1500
-can use voice commandments
*augmented reality glasses*
-operates with android
Re-growing Limbs
Example #2
With the use of "pig dust"
-scientists grew actual human cartilage on an artificial ear with the use of "pig dust"
What is "pig dust"?
It is powder extracted from pig bladders.
-in two weeks, two people in their 60s had their fingers grown back entirely
-pig powder attracts cells and proteins called growth factors
-growth factors override scar tissues and grow back the lost limb
Question Time-The Game of
Does This Exist?
By: Nichole Zhou
Question #1
-aerofex, a Californian company, created a hoverbike
-uses 2 duct rotors to hover
-sadly, the company has no intention to sell it to consumers
Question #2
TF2 Teleporter
It's technically a yes, but "teleporters" are not accessible by humans yet.
-doesn't "teleport"; simply copies the information of the atoms and places it on the identical atoms at a different location
-cannot look at the process or it will not work
Tron Lightcycle
-proper name is quantum entanglement
Question #3
Iron Man
(or does some sort of power-suit exist?
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
To the first question;
But to the second one in brackets,
-is an exoskeleton that enhances user's strength
-can lift 200 pound weights simultaneously for over 50 times without breaking a sweat
It's basically Iron Man.
-increases endurance
Plans/Concepts/Visions for developing technology
Personal use
A couple of phone concepts
-Nokia 888 Communicator
-Samsung AQUA
-Blackberry Flex
The Nokia 888 Communicator
The Samsung AQUA
The Blackberry Flex
Floating City Concept
-Kunlé Adeyemi, created the floating school of Makoko
-Makoko is located in Lagos, Nigeria
-plans to make a whole community after completing the school
-boats will be transportation, water will be the roads
Future Energy Sources
3 concepts;
-Hydrogen Fuel Cell
-Nuclear Fusion
-Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP)
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
-also could produce it through the electrolysis of water but it uses more input than the output it creates
-a battery powered by oxygen and pure hydrogen
-can obtain hydrogen from hydrocarbons in natural oil and gas but the whole point of these concepts is to prevent the use of fossil fuels
Nuclear Fusion
-nuclear fusion is the source of the sun’s energy
-scientists are still researching how we can contain nuclear fusion
-fusion reactors still use more electricity than they can create
-creates considerably less waste without radiation
Space-Based Solar Power/SBSP
-SBSP can help overcome that; there would be solar harvesters in orbit somewhere in space to gather solar energy and transmit it back to earth
-amount of solar energy we receive depends on the cycle of night and day and cloud covers
-will develop more eco friendly things
- even when becoming more sophisticated, it’ll still be more user friendly
-more efficient for companies
-most electronic devices' apps require internet to use
-less value in human workers if replaced by machines
-humans will depend on technology more than before
-companies sometimes have security problems with their devices/consoles
Future Problems
-overconsumption of energy
-only 1% of earth’s water is available for us to use
-radiation; Chernobyl ghost city, Fukushima power plant failure
-residents of fracking area (Pennsylvania) claim their drinking water is so contaminated with chemicals that you could set tap water on fire
Example of one problematic technology:
-fracking causes groundwater pollution
-dramatic increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma may be linked to fracking
-overpopulation; megacities ending up like Mexico City
-clones; if clones exist, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the real person and the clone
-machine reasoning, example:
it may be that in the future we will have automated cars and there will be no need for humans to have cars;
-if humans do drive cars by themselves, it would be considered immoral
-some cars are already being turned into ones that don’t rely on gas
-here's one example of technology trying to help the environment:
-the Queensland company, ForBio, isolates fast growing DNA for forests to grow faster; a Malaysian teak forest that will take 80 years to grow will only take 20 years
Okay, So will it help the environment?
-technology can only prevent environmental conditions from worsening
Well . . . here's your answer:
-the ice is still slowly melting, we can’t really do much to stop that
-most companies are all putting sustainable resources and energy high on their priority list
-but even after all this, making energy cheap and clean is a pretty hard thing to do
-so in the end,
Technology will only save the Earth if we all contribute to helping the environment.
Timeline of predicted events
-there will be 5G networks
-you will be able to text by thinking
-holographic T.V. is going mainstream
-first car-free city in mainland China is completed
-video games with extremely realistic CGI
-mind-reading technology is deployed (for security)
-water crisis in southwest USA
Lake Mead- from the Hoover Dam
-Nanotech clothes come into existence
-deafness is curable
-permanent cure for migraine
-Borneo’s forests are all gone (Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world)
-no cars that run on fuel; only pod cars that work like rent bicycles, you take one, drive to your point of destination, leave it there, and forget about it.
-driver-less buses powered by biodiesel and electricity will pick up passengers by using magnets implanted in specific lanes
-maglev transportation, Skytran, will be on demand for citizens
-will be able to carry 14400 people an hour
-Bubble houses will be water filters and residential buildings
-the "bubbles" on top of the building act as insulation
-cities will have 30-story buildings with crops inside
-robots will tend the crops that will be available for 50,000 people
Thank you for giving me your time and attention!
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