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Physical features of the U.A.E

know the physical features of U.A.E.

Anica Samuel

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Physical features of the U.A.E

Mangrove swamps A mangrove is- A tropical tree
or shrub found in swamps, with tangled roots that grow above ground.
A swamp is- Flood with water. Mountains of the UAE: The Dubai Creek: ISLANDS OF THE U.A.E. These are the islands in U.A.E: Physical Features of the
U.A.E. The United Arab Emirates has a magnificent mountain ranges such as the Hajjar Mountains which rises in some areas to 2,500 meters. Also the Jebel Jais mountain area (which reaches a height of 5,700 feet). And of course the famous Jebal Hafeet mountain of Al Ain, which has one of the greatest winding roads in the world measuring in length at 7.3 miles and reaching almost 4,000 feet. By:{Anica Samuel} Mangrove swamps are found along tropical seacoasts on both sides of the equator. They are named for the Mangrove trees that grow there. How to Experience The Dubai Creek? You can take a dhow tour, ride the Abra (water taxi), do a dinner cruise on the Creek or simply walk along the side of the creek The Size of the Creek: The creek itself used to be about 14 kilometers long. Fun Facts! .The Dubai Creek divides Dubai into two areas, the Deira side and Bur Dubai. .The Creek is actually an inlet of the sea that cuts into the land. This Creek has been very important in Dubai’s history. The palm The world The palm (deira)
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