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Callum Bond

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Confidence-

Public Service Skills
its imprtant to have good punctuality because working in the public services you have to show a high standard of everything and be a role model/someone to look up to and being punctual will show that.

Examples; in The army you'll have to give some kind of orders and being punctual will be able to get your say across quickly and will out any complications.

In the Police, say if your out on duty and you arrest someone and there not understanding why and so on, you'd need to be punctual to tell them exactly why.

Team Work
Importance; team work is used in every public service. its used to help deal with situations quicker,eaier and more effectivly.

examples: In the police youd work as a team to collect information and make arrests, if you didnt, key evidence would be lost and many criinals would get away.

In the army you work as a team to secure areas and make locations safe aswell as taking out any supposed threat. if no one worked as a team many people wouldnt know what to do or where to go and your sent off in tight squads.
Physical Fitness
Physical fitness is needed in all public services as they will take there job seriously with pace and will want to work very quickly as lifes may be at risk.

examples: in the police you may be on pursuit of a criminal and if he bails ou of the car you'd need a good standard of fitness to be able to chase after him and catch him.

in the army everythings fast paced, your constantly in danger and you might need to move quickly out of danger or even move quickly to get others out of danger.
Communication is the ability to talk to others and listen to others.
Public services need comunication skills because they need to talk to eachother to solve problems.
This is when you know you can rely on somebody other than yourself
Trust is important for all public services because everyone needs to be trusted to to their job properly, if even one person can't do their job correctly people can get hurt.
Self Awareness
Self awareness is when you not only have to mind your souroundings but also your actions so that nobody else, nor yourself can get hurt through your actions.
The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something, By praticing you will be getting used to the atmosphere so you're gaining. Also Trust can relate be confident!
This is important in the public services because If you wasn't confident in yourself or others you wouldn't be so disciplined, Trust issues which will stop you from doing stuff and being more confident you're showing who is in charge and in control!
This is impotant in the public services e.g. in the army they constantly have to be aware of surroundings because enemies can attack them at any time.
Mental toughness
The two public service:
because if you're in the front row of a riot you will have to stand your ground, whiles being in control towards others.
Army Because if you,re at the battleground you will have to trust others to be in the right position whiles you or others covering your life so you will have to be confident in others
This is when you are able to keep calm in challenging situations and can cope in stressful enviroments.
you will need good aperance if you are representing your own country and someone who looks brave and always ready1
The importance in Apperance is that Appearance does
count and how you appear to others can make or break a job opportunity or your success on the job.
The two public services:
Fire servcic
because you're unform needs to be on top marks and worn correctly, such as having a badge on your unform
The royal air force
has to have good apperance because they are fighting for our country and the queen so they would need good repetitation and also tidy uniform!

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Also, someone who is hard-working!
The importance off integrity is that you can be trustworthy towards others and always trying your best then becoming successful!
Two public service:
Police- Always has to explain the truth and in difficult situations.
Fire service- Always got to work as a team and always been hard working!
the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others.
The importance is that the public service shave to cotrol their anger by acting professionally and doing their job properly!
This is important to the public services, especially for the army, because they have to live in poor livng conditions for training and in actual war zones because it is their job.
its imprtant to have good leadership skills in a public service job as you will need to take on challenges within the team and maybe order or even motivate your team.

Examples: In the army you'd need good leadership skill sas if you was on the front line you'd need that skill to speak out and encourage the team f your under fire or if you neeed to shout out a order for the squad.

In the Police your work ina small team of two and back at the station would work in a slighlt larger group too. with good leadership skills you'd be able to deal with information easier with your team and be able to get the team to put information together to help on a case or something.
Here is a video to show that even some public service such as army can't cope in stressful situations and got captured!
two public services .
Police- control their anger in front off the riot whiles being proffessional
Army- Got to be respectful and mature , whiles being disciplined in a well manner
Self awareness needs to be used in situations when what you do could result in others or yourself being injured. It is very important that everyone in the public services knows about this and is aware of their surrounding becaues they are expected to keep the public safe and are not allowed to do anything that may endanger them.
trust may be used in the public services in a riot because if one police officer doesnt do their job correctly when they are holding a violent crowd back, somebody could get seperated and get hurt or in worst case killed. this is why you need to be trusted to do you job correctly because in some situations you cannot make sure someone else is doing their job correctly because you will not be focusing on yours.
communication involes not only listening and talking to one another but can also involve sounds and sign language as well as a lot of others e.g. the army use hand gestures with orders to keep quiet on a mission and sounds to communicate without the enemy knowing what they are saying.
The police may need mental toughness during riots becaues that can be life threatening situations and may have limited numbers against maybe double the rioters. In this situation people can die and thge police may be required for a few hours or more which is very stressful. The army also may have to deal with situations like this in a warzone and may be in a life threatening situation for days.
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