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Shannon Page: Virtual CV

No description

Shannon Page

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Shannon Page: Virtual CV

Shannon Page: Virtual CV
STEM roller coasters
Real World
Project Based Learning
Integrated across subjects and grade levels
Traveling the World, Virtually: Project Based Learning in Elementary School
Professional Development
National Board Certification
Common Core trainings through ICLE and County
LEGO Education Trainings
Covey Trainings
Technology Trainings
Best Practices from Colleagues
Game Based Learning
New Literacies Institute
Model Schools Conferences
Professional Books
Variety of training in all subject areas
Students & Parents
Learning Styles Inventories
Interest Surveys
Parent Conferences and feedback
Data Driven assignments and projects
Guided Reading & Math
Project-Based Learning
Integrated across CCSS
Driven by students' interests
Driven by NC Essential Standards for Science & Social Studies
Designed to enhance 21st Century Skills
Rigorous & Relevant
Increase Student Engagement
Collaborative Websites
Designed to inform other students
Evaluated by students and professors
Literacy Focus- Informational research and writing
Interest Driven
Rubrics Used to guide and assess
Greece Virtual Field Trip
Around the World Project and Website
Virtual Field Trips
Hershey, PA
Medieval Times- Europe
Amusement Parks Across the Nation
Gulf of Mexico- Oil Spill
Regions of NC
New York
LEGO Education
Worked Collaboratively with PITSCO to develop & pilot WeDo
Worked Collaboratively to pilot Build To Express
Worked with several TUFTS members to develop and test LEGO engineering projects
Trained in Build To Express, WeDo, Simple & Motorized Mechanisms
Fractured Fairy Tales
Cross Curricular Tasks
Medieval Dragons and Castle Protection
Build To Express
Used throughout all subject areas
Assessment knowledge before, during and after learning
Collaborative Builds
Simple & Motorized Mechanisms
LEGO Space Hammer and International Space Station
Vehicle Designs
Windmill and Energy Study
Simple & Complex Machines
International Center For Leadership in Education
Model School Conferences and Fall Symposium
Hawaii Model School Conferences
Successful Practices Network- Webinar & Gold Seal Lesson
Collaborated to develop web platform for creating online lessons through SPN
SPN Educator for December
Breaking the Mold of Education: Innovative and Successful Practices for Student Engagement, Empowerment, and Motivation
Chapter Title:
"Embracing Project-Based Learning with Emerging Technologies in the Multiage Classroom"
A.B. Combs
Innovations, Technology & Science Fair Committees
Led Professional Development- CCSS and R & R
Multiage Classrooms
Mentor for Student Teachers
Crystal Island Game Based Learning
Tested and Piloted Crystal Island
Developed STEM Unit for educators throughout NC
Presented curriculum and game to educators
Kenan Fellows Food Safety Project
Collaboration between 9 educators, 3 Science labs at NC State and UNC, 4H, and Department of Agriculture
Opportunity to develop and pilot curriculum K-12
Collaborate with Dr. Hosni Hassan, NC State; Dr. Matt Koci, NC State; and Dr. Andrea Azcarte-Peril, UNC-Chapel Hill; and Amy Chilcote and Autumn Guin, 4-H to translate laboratory research on Salmonella into a more “digestible” form.
Give other teachers, students and informal educational audiences an increased understanding of food-borne illness and the necessary precautions that must be taken to prevent its outbreak.
Work with fellow educators and the 4-H Youth and Volunteer Development Department at N.C. State University to create a curriculum for K-12 classrooms and informal educational environments.
Grade Level Curriculum Planning
Grade Level PLT and Intervention Alignment
Multiage Lessons/Projects- Vertical Alignment
K-5 collaboration projects
Cross-Curricular Projects
Kindergarten Buddies
Reading Buddies
Research Partners
Collaborative Project
Communication about standards and projects
Communication about student progress & interest
Ideas for enhancing learning experiences (technology/resources)
Special Programs, Resource Teachers, & Coaches
Student enrichment and intervention to meet student goals
Lesson & Project Ideas aligned with CCSS and NC Essential Standards
Model Lessons
Best Practices
“Educators are addicted to the moment when a student’s eyes light up, when the teaching becomes learning. May your days be filled with such moments.”

~Phillip Patrick Horenstein
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~Nelson Mandela
LEGO Dream School Project- Worked with leaders in the community to create a Dream school focused on the arts, sustainable living, technology, safety, and healthy lifestyles
IBM Engineering with Robotics- Set up a collaborative project with IBM to teach students about the importance of STEM and how to use robotics in the world around us.
NC STATE Women in Aerospace Program- Worked with the women involved with the Aerospace program to create an assembly for our students that highlighted aerospace and specifically women enterin STEM fields.
LENOVO Technology plan- Collaborated with Lenovo Computer Company to have students evaluate different laptops (price, effectiveness, accessibility) to create a technology plan for our school.
To find out more about my Education Adventure please visit www.OurEducationAdventure.weebly.com
or contact me at shannonpage12@gmail.com
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