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from The General History of Virginia

No description

Mr. Skocik

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of from The General History of Virginia

The General History of Virginia
Historical Narrative by John Smith
As you read...
Pay attention to clues that reveal Smith's central ideas and overall purpose.

A question to consider:

How does Smith present himself?
Read the background section.
As you read lines 1-17 begin to collect and cite evidence.

Circle the main problem described in the first paragraph
Underline phrases that describe Wingfield's behavior
Cite Text Evidence
Using context clues define pilfer.

Pilfer -
Cite Text Evidence
Read lines 18-41 underlining text where Smith refers to himself.
What impression would Smith give if he had written lines 35-41 referring to himself in the first person?
Create a definition for industry.

-Choose a definition from your table to report back to the group.
A Surprise Attack
Paraphrase lines 48-55 to explain Wingfield & Kendall's plan and Smith's intervention.
Interim -
Baseness -
Determine suitable definitions for these terms:

Cite Text Evidence
Provide the actual words the Council uses in their claim against Smith.
Mark -the-Text
Lines 63-89
Underline the details that make Smith seem like a hero
Short Answer Response
Reread lines 63-89.
What explanations does Smith give for the loss of his men, and his own capture? Why does he include these explanations? Support your answer with textual evidence.
Loss of his men
Text evidence
His capture
Text evidence
Text evidence
At Powhatan's Court
The Struggle for Jamestown
Cite Text Evidence
Lines 90-135
Underline language Smith uses to describe Powhatan

In the margin, explain what happens in lines 100-112
Reread & Discuss
Reread lines 90-154. With a small group, discuss your ideas about how Europeans of the time viewed Native Americans. to whom does Smith attribute his survival? Support your answers with textual evidence.
Short Response
What are the
central ideas
of Smith's text, and what is the
of his account? Cite evidence from the text in your response.
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