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Lesson Plans with EATS Format

No description

Trudy I

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Lesson Plans with EATS Format

An examination of
Lesson Plans with EATS Format

You will:
understand what EATS is
understand where EATS came from
get ideas for structuring lesson plans
Where did it come from?
2003 GCPS county-wide SD initiative

training at PES under K. Eichler & J. Loethen-Payne

Learning-Focused Schools by Dr. Max Thompson

included EATS lesson format, graphic organizers, unit planning, scaffolding strategies & more
EATS: What is it?
It's a structure for lesson plans:
E - Essential Question
A - Activating Strategy
learners become mentally active
T - Teaching Strategies/Engagement Period
small groups, collaborative pairs, graphic organizers, activities
S - Summarizing Strategies
learners summarize & answer EQ
formative assessment for teacher
Our structure:
Work in 3 groups

Organize by grade bands:
K-1 Mandy, Sarah, Carole
2-3 Kelly, Crystal
4-5 Rebecca, Lauren, Yolanda, Charme

Use tuning protocol if your group chooses to
Tuning your lesson plans
Tuning Protocol
introduces lesson


ask clarifying questions


examine the lesson


share warm & cool feedback
example: I wonder about. . .


reflects on feedback
Ticket Out The Door
Did you have any a-ha moments today?

If so, what?

If not, what are you still concerned about?
Can you identify the components of the lesson that we presented today?

Our Norms

We will:
begin and end on time
actively engage in the work
ask thoughtful questions
listen to understand
secure time to think
trust within the group
risk with positive intent
How could I improve my lesson plans
so that my small, differentiated groups
engage in purposeful work?
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