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The impact of New Digital Media on Television and Film

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Jessica Farrow

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The impact of New Digital Media on Television and Film

The impact of New Digital Media on Television and Film History of Television and Film … Netflix, Lovefilm & Illegal Digital against Retail Social Networking Audience Participation Stores like HMV are slowly loosing business as iTunes, Amazon and Play.com are gaining sales on DVD's, Soundtracks, Music Videos and now even MP3's.
Can easily watch trailers on these websites now as well. Social Networking is highly beneficial towards to advertisement of television programs and Films! On the plus side ... Rivalry between institutions Apple and Samsung are rivals in the mobile phone and TV sector. Whilst Apple are not producing a Smart TV they are competing with Samsung's design with their own Apple iTV which is a very similar product Why buy a computer AND a tv when you can have both in one monitor? Smart TV's enable you to (be a bit lazy) and converge these products! Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have done it and soon enough all the brands will conform. LG and Phillips have even formed an alliance to create a super awesome smart tv!!! Convergence IPTV - Internet Protocol TV Iplayer, Sky, ITV Player & 4OD "Making the unmissable, Unmissable!" Very annoying for viewers and this could result in sale losses for these companies! How annoying! In 1936 the first ever television broadcast was shown in London and by 1945 there were fewer than 7,000 working TV sets in the country and only nine stations on the air. Since then there are now 883 viewable in Britain. In fact the average American will spend 9 years glued to the screen! This is having a HUGE impact on advertisement as less people will be watching the advertisement for future programs and new products! Scheduling for television programs are disappearing as people are realizing they can miss programs and catch up with them any time that suits them! BARB- Broadcasters' audience research board will loose business Netflix - £7.99 a month, Loveflim - £4.99! Illegally downloading movies is literally a click away and usually is good quality :D yayayayayayay! The rise in cinema ticket prices has resulted negatively on the amount people still visiting the cinema, more and more people are downloading films illegally and this is for the price of nothing! Although cinemas are not going out of business, they are still making lots of money and shows are selling out. These are internet based TV services that offer films and programs on demand. These can include BT Vision, Virgin Media and CinemaNow Ofcom ... The new age - Smart Tv People may feel more inclined to watch the program when it is originally shown!
Due to one off competitions and red button activities BUT! You have to pay for sky whereas catch up websites are free :) More info on New Digital Media and film and television ............... E-Media! Moving Image! balls on toast
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